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10 Tricks to Lose Weight Fast But Safely- HealthifyMe


10 Tricks to Lose Weight Fast But Safely- HealthifyMe


Weight loss is a trope we see everywhere. It might be due to health reasons or to look more attractive or fit. If you’re looking to lose weight, there is a high chance of falling into a fad and commercial diet. Just because it works for weight loss doesn’t mean it’s healthy, yet somehow we have grown to believe that if we try this one diet, it will finally fix us. When you first start dieting, you could lose weight quickly, but not for the long term. But some minor, healthy tweaks can make a big difference. While your weight certainly doesn’t define you, there can be some cases when weight loss becomes necessary. That’s where the tips and tactics for weight loss come in.

Benefits of Losing Weight

Losing weight is a long journey. People work hard to plan their exercise and diet routine, but it is easy to give up within days. However, do not forget the phrase ‘slow and steady wins the race’. You need to be patient and efficient in your plan if you want to reap the benefits of the process.

Everyone has reasons for losing weight; it can be for cosmetic reasons or reducing blood pressure or cholesterol level. But, no matter the reason, the benefits of weight loss go beyond slimming down and can positively impact the overall quality of one’s life. Read on to discover how your body and lifestyle can change after shedding some pounds.

Better Sleep

You may not realise that your weight can control how fast you fall asleep. Often, people who are overweight experience a negative impact on sleep quality. However, cutting down extra weight can help manage the health conditions that hinder sleep: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and depression.

Better Complexion

Dropping a few kilos can help your complexion clear up. It can help with psoriasis, eczema, or acne. In addition, you inevitably lose some fat on your face and neck when you lose weight. And when that happens, your facial region receives better blood circulation. 

Better Confidence

After achieving your dream weight, that feeling you experience isn’t just relief. It’s also the confidence in your accomplishment. After dropping the pounds, you will also notice that you have much more energy. 

Better Mood

Once you start shedding those extra pounds, your general mood will improve. The body releases more endorphins, the feel-good hormones that drastically improve your mood. Moreover, weight loss can reduce the symptoms of any current diseases you’re facing. The good news, however, is that it makes you feel better. 

How to Lose Weight Safely

Some people can lose a significant amount of weight within a short time frame. However, it’s not a healthy approach, and it’s not something nutrition experts recommend. You’ll likely gain it back even though you might have lost weight on a crash diet. Rapid weight loss could affect health negatively in both the short term and the long term. Here’s the thing: follow healthy approaches to lose weight, and some of them are listed below.

Prepare a Better Breakfast

A balanced breakfast — one packed with healthy fats, protein, complex carbs, and fibre — is the most important meal of the day. A study shows that people eating high-calorie breakfasts and low-calorie dinners lost more weight than those with low-calorie breakfasts and high-calorie dinners. 

Skipping breakfast makes you feel hungry throughout the day, pushing you to munch on calorie-dense snacks. To tackle the cravings for sugary and refined carbohydrate foods, you can eat a hearty breakfast of 400-500 calories. 

Feast on Fruits and Veggies

Instead of restricting certain food groups, focus on incorporating an abundance of fresh fruits and colourful vegetables. A study shows that fruits and vegetables, including cucumbers, celery, pineapple, tomatoes, watermelon, and grapes, have more water and fibre content and are naturally low in fat, keeping you on the right track to losing weight. In addition, they are naturally nutrient-dense and filling, thus helping to promote overall health and weight management. 

Take a Walk and Be More Active

According to a systematic review of studies, health experts say that being physically active is another primary aspect of burning excess calories. It is not possible with a diet alone. Instead, find a physical activity or exercise that you enjoy doing and fit it into your routine. For example, strength training builds lean muscle tissue. The more lean muscle you have, the quicker you’ll lose weight because lean muscle tissue burns more calories. 

Remember, every one of your slight movements matters – you can pace around the room while you are on a call with your boss or even take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking is also a handy weight management tool. 

Focus on Portions

It is usual for people to overeat without noticing. Nevertheless, eating less or skipping a meal is not a perfect solution for losing weight. Instead, a study suggests you can focus on eating in portions by knowing the number of calories in your food and the number of nutrients you require for healthy living. 

Divide your plate in the right way for healthy, balanced meals. A more effective strategy is to increase the proportion of low energy density foods while limiting portions of high-energy-dense foods. Then, you can go back for more if you need to rather than shovelling food on your plate.

Fill Your Day with Fibre

According to a study, increasing fibre intake will help the person prevent weight gain and might promote weight loss. Add fire-rich foods into your daily meals to make you satiated even with fewer calories. Rather than eliminating numerous foods from your diet, indulge in fibre-containing foods to maintain a healthy dietary practice.

Be Smart with Smaller Plate

People who use a smaller plate, including smaller bowls or glasses in the case, tend to eat less food. Eating on smaller plates will push your body to gradually get used to a smaller portion of meals without feeling hungry. Hence it is better to avoid bigger plates as it might make you eat more.

Eat Slowly and Mindfully

The brain requires 20 minutes to register that you are full. So if you eat your food while working, watching TV, or doing other errands in a hurry, you are gobbling up hundreds of calories without even realising it. Hence experts suggest feeling the texture, smell, and sight of your food to evoke the sensory pleasure, preventing you from indulging in overeating.

As you chew your food slowly, you make it easy for the digestive system to break down the food items and allow the proper absorption of essential nutrients.

Healthy Sleep Cycle

Though diet and exercise are the ‘secret’ ingredient for people who focus on weight loss, a study has reported that sleeping patterns also play a crucial role. Less sleep will make you stressed or depressed, which leads your body to undergo a ‘comfort eating’ and less-calorie burning phase. So ensure to get at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep.

Drink More Water

A study reveals that drinking more water and staying hydrated is another crucial aspect of weight loss. Nonetheless, people prefer to drink orange juices or carbonated sodas. But they are drinking calories to quench their thirst. So instead, make water your go-to drink since it will help your body increase your metabolism and flush out toxins. 

Pro Tip – Plan Your Daily Diet

Ensure to plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for the day beforehand by sticking to your daily intake of calories. Then, read on the food labels to go for the one that fits your diet. Meal prep will help you eat within the calorie range and avoid the temptation of junk foods, including chocolates, fizzy drinks, and more.

Side Effects of Losing Weight Too Fast

It is essential to do weight loss methods at a sensible pace because rapid weight loss can lead to serious health complications. People who lose weight quickly or through starvation techniques will not be able to sustain the weight successfully. These are some side effects that follow after rapid weight loss:

  • Rapid weight loss causes loose skin on the legs, arms, and abdomen. 
  • Gallstones are a common side effect of rapid weight loss. It refers to hard cholesterol deposits in the gallbladder.
  • When you lose weight very quickly, it can also significantly reduce fat-free mass, such as lean muscle tissue and bone. 
  • If you follow fad diets, it may result in nutritional deficiency. Too many diet restrictions lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals. 

Precautions to Take

Do not skip meals to cut calories. Starving yourself is unhealthy and does more harm than good. Whether you’re working to manage a health condition or get in shape, there are safe ways to reach your goals. And the first step is to eat consistent, healthy meals.

Other do’s, and don’ts for healthy weight loss are:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Switch fatty foods for lower-calorie options
  • Stick to a healthy exercise routine
  • Don’t forget about the calories you drink.
  • Do a meal prep
  • Do not obsessively weigh yourself every day
  • Start slowly and do not overdo things on the first day itself


There is no shortcut to losing weight. Though the weight loss rate differs depending on age and activity level, you can follow specific methods to see changes in your weight. Following a regular exercise routine, better lifestyle modifications, and a healthy balanced diet will help you achieve your desired outcomes. Set short-term targets, keep moving towards them and complete your long-term weight-loss quest.

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s okay. But rapid weight loss can backfire. And that’s why experts recommend slow weight loss through a sustainable and holistic approach without compromising your nutritional needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How can I shrink my stomach fast?

A. Shrinking your stomach involves managing your diet and exercising. Shedding this stubborn fat is a challenging task that requires effort based on one’s body type and needs. The most effective way to shrink your stomach is by controlling your food portion rather than strict restrictions. Keeping track of your calorie intake and practising healthy exercises while avoiding processed and sugar-containing foods will help shrink your stomach.

Q. How can I reduce my weight naturally?

A. Consider a few practical strategies, like including a low-carb diet plan, consumption of whole foods, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Everyone has unique needs and diet styles, so consult your physician to determine the best one for you.

Q. How can a girl lose weight fast?

A.  Losing weight is a challenging process for girls, and most of them, who are doing it quickly, are not making it sustainable. While pursuing the journey, it is essential to take care of their physical and emotional health. Stick to healthy food choices and stay hydrated. It is also vital to get enough exercise and a quality sleep cycle.

Q. How can I get slim without exercise?

A. Balanced eating and exercising less is not suitable for everyone. You might notice some weight loss, which is typically water weight. It would help if you paired a healthy diet with regular exercise for long-term benefits.

Q. Is working out 30 minutes a day enough to lose weight?

A. Losing weight is not only about the hours of working out; it depends more on your patience and input. Thirty minutes of daily exercise is effective for losing weight. Moderately overweight men can lose an average of 8 pounds in three months when performing 30 minutes of exercise, while the men who have worked out for 60 minutes have shed around 6 pounds.

Q. Which exercise is best for quick weight loss?

A. The exercise you choose and follow must fit your needs and adapt to your body. No workout session should keep you under strain or stress. Some weight-loss promoting activities are walking, jogging, running, HIIT, cycling, swimming, pilates, and yoga.

Q. Why is my weight loss so slow?

A.  There can be multiple hidden causes behind slow results. For example, it can be due to improper diet, excess calorie intake, or following the wrong type of exercise. Be sure to check if you suffer from any underlying health problems. 

Q. What two vegetables burn belly fat overnight?

A. Everyone wants to lose their belly fat, and it depends on what and how you eat. However, certain vegetables and fruits can help you in shedding some visceral fat in your stomach. Dark green veggies, including Broccoli and spinach, may help in reducing belly fat.

Q. How can I reduce my thigh fat?

A. Besides belly fat, people find it very difficult to reduce their stubborn thigh fat. Some tips for thigh fat reduction include cutting down carb intake, salt, and added sugars. In addition, follow some strength training activities while increasing your protein and fibre intake.

Q. Why isn’t my waist getting smaller?

A.  There can be two reasons behind slow fat loss in the waist region– either you are not eating enough to meet your daily requirements, or you have gone more than the adequate level for your goal. Experts also say that your waist size will not decrease due to water retention.

Q. How can a lazy girl lose weight?

A. It is not possible for everyone to spend tedious hours in the gym and follow restrictive diets to maintain optimal weight. However, whether you are lazy or an active girl, you can lose weight effectively by only making a few slight changes to your daily routine. Drink more water every day, especially a glass before meals. Get better sleep and manage your food portions. 

Q. Is it harder for females to lose weight?

A. Females find it hard to shed pounds compared to men for various reasons. The primary reason is that women have lower metabolic rates than men, requiring few calories for their normal body functions, including breathing, circulation, and more. As a result, the remaining calories become fat. Secondly, it might be due to genetics and different body composition. However, you can maintain an ideal weight and better overall health with your exercise and balanced diet. 

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