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2020 Wellness Calendar for Health and Fitness Planning & Progress


2020 Wellness Calendar for Health and Fitness Planning & Progress

2020 Wellness Calendar for Health and Fitness Planning 

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The journey of better health and fitness (and losing that belly fat), is not always an easy one.  Some days you’re on top of the world and everything falls in place. Exercise seems effortless and fun and eating healthily is easy. Other days, it can be hard to get motivated and nothing seems to work.

This is where this Health and Fitness Calendar and Planner can help you set your Health and Fitness Goals for the new year, reminding you of your goals monthly and monitor how you’re tracking.

However, be kind on yourself. Some months you’ll blitz it. Other months will be tough. The important thing is that you keep showing up and giving it a go. The results will eventually come. Remember, we are all different, which is why no two people will get the same results doing the same things. Creating that habit of healthy eating and exercise and everything else will take care of itself (including losing that belly fat).

The Health and Fitness Calendar and Planner is set out in 2 sections:

  • The Annual Planner with 12 months on 1 page and 3 areas for your 2020 Fitness Goals, your 2020 Healthy Eating Goals and any other goals you have for 2020. These might be financial, happiness goals or a special treat for when you make your fitness and weight goals!
  • The Monthly Planner where you can write down your Exercise, Eating and Other goals for the month, record your Measurements and your Exercise Results as well as for each day of the month, diary your activity.

Just a note on the “Measurements” block. I’ve included your Waist, Hips, Chest and Weight measurements. Although they are there for you to write down and track your progress, feel free to ignore them if eating healthily, exercising well and your general wellbeing is more important to you than physical measurements. Be aware of your aim is to reduce belly fat and replace it with muscle mass. The Weight measurement becomes less important as muscle weighs more than fat. This is when the Waist. Hip and Chest measurements become more important ways of measuring your progress.

You can download the Health and Wellness Calendar, print it out and then fill in the calendar with the exercise and activity and even meal planning if you like.

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Suggestions to Help Get You Started

  • Set your goals at the start of the year and then enter your goals monthly in the spaces provided. It doesn’t matter how big or small these goals are. As long as they are realistic:
    • Specific (be as precise as you can)
    • Measurable (so you can monitor progress)
    • Achievable (within your current capability but still a stretch)
    • Relevant (so this it means something to YOU so you can achieve your health, fitness and wellbeing goals)
    • Timeframe (there is a clear start and end date so you can measure results clearly)
  • Determine your rewards for achieving your results monthly and annually
  • Exercise and eat healthily and keep a measure of the results
  • 3 times a month test yourself with the exercises set out in the Result area in a 5-minute window area (that is: do as many squats, push-ups, and sit-ups as you can in the 5 minutes and hold the ab-plank for as long as possible)
  • Before the start of each month, write down your goals for the next month
  • Break down activities into monthly and weekly blocks making then less over welling and easily to achieve
  • Do not forget to reward yourself for every milestone and goal you achieve!

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2020 Calendar Preview

January 2019 Preview

Wellness Calendar January 2020


Downloading the calendar 

Download the complete 2020 Wellness Calendar:

Wellness Calendar Year 2020 Year and Months

Download Month by Month:

Wellness Calendar Jan 2020

Wellness Calendar Feb 2020

Wellness Calendar Mar 2020

Wellness Calendar Apr 2020

Wellness Calendar May 2020

Wellness Calendar Jun 2020

Wellness Calendar Jul 2020

Wellness Calendar Aug 2020

Wellness Calendar Sep 2020

Wellness Calendar Oct 2020

Wellness Calendar Nov 2020

Wellness Calendar Dec 2020



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