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4 Stages of Building Your Own Home –

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4 Stages of Building Your Own Home –


While there are many steps to building your own house, all of those steps can be broken down into four main stages. These stages require different levels of work and expense, so it is essential to plan for each phase before it is time to implement that stage. Planning for these stages includes lining up contractors, making sure needed materials are ordered, and seeing that everything follows the timeline and budget determined at the start of the project.

1. Planning


The planning stage includes having blueprints drawn up for the house you want and ensuring those blueprints include everything you want while being safe and structurally sound. The blueprints will then be used to get estimates from contractors to decide who you will use as your builder for the project. Your contractor will oversee all subcontractors and the overall construction process. Planning is often the fun part of the process because you are designing the house of your dreams. You may be starting with premade plans or starting from scratch; either way, you create something new.

2. Structure


The structure is everything that makes it sound and secure. The structure includes the foundation, exterior walls, windows, and roof. When the structure is completed, you can focus on the house’s interior. These are large-scale projects that will be done completely by professionals. Even if you plan to do some work in building your home, some tasks need to be perfect to be safe, pass inspection, and make the rest of the house-building experience go smoothly. The structural tasks also require large equipment, tools, and brute strength.

3. Internal Workings


The internal workings include everything that will be inside the walls and part of making the house functioning and comfortable. The internal workings will consist of the HVAC system, plumbing, and electrical. These are all technical tasks that require technicians who have been trained in their field and have experience with residential construction. The internal workings of the house will eventually be inspected and must be up to all current codes and standards for your area, so your technicians will also be familiar with the codes they need to meet. Even though you aren’t doing the actual work, you will be working with each technician to ensure the result is what you want. You’ll make sure that the bathroom is set up the way you want, that there are enough outlets in each room, and that the light switches are placed conveniently for you.

4. Cosmetic


The cosmetics of the house include all of the visual designs. This includes walls, built-in features, paint colors, tile work, floors, cabinets, pictures, lighting, appliances, and backsplashes. The cosmetic phase is usually what the new homeowners are involved with the most. Even if you have all of the work done by professionals, you’ll get to make a lot of decisions and pick out every detail. If you want to be more involved, this is the stage of work where you can jump in and do the flooring or painting if those are things you know how to do. You can do a lot to a basic structure to make it unique and personal for you and your family. You want the result to be something that reflects your interests and personality.

Many people may view building a house as a stressful time because they want it done to move in and start enjoying it. However, it takes time to do things right, like any significant change. The best approach is to enjoy the process and learn as you go. You may see the color you chose for the living room on the wall and decide you hate it and want it painted a different color. It’s okay. Yes, it will cost more to have it redone, but it’s best to do the work needed to get the house you want.


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