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A Birthday Love Letter to Aries During Coronavirus COVID-19


A Birthday Love Letter to Aries During Coronavirus COVID-19

Aries season might be postponed, but it is by no means cancelled. Being contained to the great indoors is perhaps one of the worst possible fates for the most extra sign of the zodiac. But, alas, we must persevere, as we are the sign of youthful exuberance. Do you think Reese Witherspoon, Diana Ross, or Lady Gaga will be shedding a tear on their birthdays? Not a single, fabulous one — and neither will you.

First off, let’s remind you of the phenomenal company you keep. The great poet Maya Angelou was an Aries, and so are Mariah Carey and Mandy Moore. Aries are also unsurprisingly fashionable; case in point: Sarah Jessica Parker, Marc Jacobs, and Celine Dion. And younger greats like Emma Watson and Skai Jackson are continuing our firecracker legacy.

A great Aries (Lady Gaga) once said, “A hundred people can be in a room, and 99 don’t believe in you, and just one person believes in you, and it can change everything.” OK, that doesn’t actually apply to our situation, but we prefer to read between the lines. While under lockdown, as we safely navigate our way through COVID-19, we might be the only one in our rooms, but true Aries know that one is more than enough to have a smashing good time — perks of being the sign of the self.

While Aries are undeniably fabulous, we do have our dark side. Because we love the great outdoors and are ruled by the head, being confined to our rooms while we watch the Spring sun glisten and the flowers come out to bloom only has us retreating deeper into our thoughts. Plus, we have to spend our birthdays all alone? Total bummer.

For my special day, I had planned a lavish getaway to Rome with my partner, before the coronavirus cancelled all travel plans. Then, I thought, “Maybe it’s for the best, and I need to do something more quiet and reflective.” My Plan B was to travel to the English countryside and unwind from the digital news cycle in a lush spa hotel — then, COVID was like, “LOL.” It definitely sucks having to celebrate my birthday basically alone with my flatmates in our cramped apartment, but I’ve decided to make the most of it.

First things first, if I can’t have one birthday, just like Queen Elizabeth, I’m gonna have two! I don’t know where this money is coming from, but it better manifest as a karmic tax return for taking away my favourite day of the year. Next up, every person who loves me is required to join the Houseparty app, because I refuse to blow out my candles and celebrate all by my lonesome self. I’m taking a cue from DJ Nice’s Club Quarantine and hosting my own, popping Club Kara accessible to all on the interwebs. And finally, indulge, indulge, indulge. Despite not being able to actually go anywhere, I’m still taking some time off to pamper myself, go to the park (fingers crossed we’ll still be allowed), bake a decadent cake, and drink lots and lots of Prosecco.

If you’re a fellow Aries, Taurus, or Pisces who’s been forced indoors on your special day, then you’re not alone, and all this means is we’ll go even harder whenever we’re able to — happy birthday!

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