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Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas 2022


Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas 2022

You might have made a conscious choice to stop buying a live Christmas tree, or your cat’s Grinch-like behaviour might have forced you to think about an alternative. Either way, rest assured: a Christmas tree doesn’t have to be green and fluffy to be enjoyed. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be a tree. Lights strung on the wall in the shape of a balsam fir, or a pot of succulents arranged in a cone shape are both festive options that are space-saving and cat proof.

Whether you love bright colours, sophisticated black and white, or are more of a minimalist at heart, there are plenty of other ways to deck your home this festive season — and you’ll definitely enjoy not having to worry about the falling pine needles! Read on to get all the inspiration you need for some cat-friendly Christmas decorations.

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