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Amelia Dimoldenberg and Aitch Confirm Their Relationship

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Amelia Dimoldenberg and Aitch Confirm Their Relationship


After a few weeks of rumours and sleuthing on Instagram, “Chicken Shop Date” host Amelia Dimoldenberg confirmed that she is indeed in a relationship with British rapper Aitch. Dimoldenberg confirmed the news during a live radio interview with Kiss FM UK presenter Tyler West.

“A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H!” West prefaced the big question to Dimoldenberg. “Oh, wow. You know the alphabet surprisingly well,” she responded. “Let’s talk about Aitch for a second. Jordan and Perri are away; it’s a safe space. It’s been announced on socials, right? Can you tell us what’s going on with Aitch?”

“We’re hanging out.” Dimoldenberg coyly explained. “I like him, a lot.” She went on to share that she loves that Aitch loves her so much. “It’s nice when somebody pays attention and is interested in you and stuff, right?” Although West was intrigued, he couldn’t help but play back previous voice notes from Aitch and Dimoldenberg saying that they would never date each other. But because she’s never taken by surprise, Dimoldenberg remained calm and reminded the host that people’s thoughts and opinion can change. “It’s crazy when things are announced and everyone picks up on all these things, right? and it’s mad to me because I’ve never experienced this kind of thing before. That [clip], for example, was from ages ago!” The comedian reinterated that despite Aitch looking like a prawn, and she not liking seafood, she does like him. “You have to have a sense of humour in relationships, right? You have to be able to joke with each other. That’s what we have, so it’s fun.”

Image Source: Youtube user Amelia Dimoldenberg


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