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Are Grapes Good for Diabetics? An Update- HealthifyMe


Are Grapes Good for Diabetics? An Update- HealthifyMe


Grapes are juicy, tasty and refreshing. Despite being small, they are full of an array of health-benefiting nutrients. From polyphenols, antioxidants and flavonoids, grapes are a powerhouse for nutrition enhancement.

According to various studies, increasing fruit consumption can help avoid many chronic diseases, including diabetes. If you have diabetes, you might believe that the natural sugars in fruits might cause a spike in your blood glucose levels.

However, the sugar in fruit differs from the sugar in other foods like chocolates, refined sugar, and baked goods. The sugar in fruit is fructose, and your body absorbs it more slowly. So it doesn’t cause a spike in blood glucose levels.

This article will explore the relationship between grapes and how they can affect blood sugar levels.

Grapes and Their Effect on Blood Sugar

If you consume grapes regularly, you will never develop diabetes because grapes contain anti-diabetic components. By consuming grapes, you lower the risk of metabolic syndrome, which significantly contributes to diabetes. In addition, grapes help control the body’s glucose levels.

Grapes contain several bioactive compounds, including polyphenols. Polyphenols are present in all grape types and are known for their antioxidant properties, which help the body combat free radicals. Most polyphenols are found in the pulp of grapes. Additionally, grapes contain flavonoids, which have anti-diabetic properties.

According to numerous studies, resveratrol, an ingredient in grape skins, boosts insulin sensitivity, improving the glucose process in the body and lowering blood sugar levels.

Several studies have found that resveratrol, an ingredient in grapes, is effective in promoting health and managing disease. Research shows that resveratrol effectively modulates blood glucose levels, decreasing insulin resistance and inhibiting chronic inflammation.

Resveratrol also plays a significant role in the prevention of diabetes-related complications. Moreover, investigations have shown that it has anti-hyperglycemic effects via enhancing mitochondrial function and energy expenditure.

One hundred grams of grapes provides 69 calories. The glycemic index of grapes is 53. The lower the GI of a particular fruit or food, the more acceptable it is for diabetes. However, people with diabetes should consume not more than 100-150 grams of grapes daily. Eating grapes in the morning on an empty stomach is considered more beneficial.

The HealthifyMe Note

If diabetic patients eat grapes often, they will not experience sudden blood sugar spikes because grapes contain components that shield the body from increasing sugar levels. Although grapes are known to control glucose levels in the body, it is still advisable for diabetic patients to monitor their blood sugar levels regularly.

Which is Better for Diabetics – Whole Grapes or Grape Juice?

Fruit juices contain a high amount of beneficial nutrients. However, health professionals recommend that patients with diabetes not consume fruit juices because juicing takes away fruit’s healthy fibre.

Whole grapes contain fibre and may not significantly raise blood sugar levels, making them a better choice for people with diabetes than grape juice.

One cup of grape juice contains approximately 36 grams of sugar. Moreover, people with diabetes must avoid consuming store-bought grape juice because it contains high amounts of added sugar, preservatives, and artificial food colouring. To get all of its benefits, consider consuming grapes as a whole.

How to Include Grapes in Your Diet?

  1. Add grapes to a fruit or green salad.
  2. Your favourite chicken salad recipe can now include chopped grapes.
  3. Freeze grapes. It is, therefore, a quick snack choice. The fruit can be cut into slices and put in a glass of sparkling water. You can enjoy frozen grapes as a cool summer treat.
  4. Put a few grapes into a blender while making a smoothie.
  5. You can chill grapes and add them to pasta salad, chicken, or seafood.


Fruit is a nutritious and necessary component of a diet for managing diabetes. Controlling one’s portions is crucial while eating any fruit. Grapes are a beloved fruit that is healthy and safe for people with diabetes.

They are safe to eat, and you can include them in a diabetic diet because they don’t cause a rise in blood sugar. Consuming grapes can lower the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

Due to their fibre content, grapes keep one feeling full. Furthermore, consulting with a doctor or a HealthifyMe nutritionist can help you create a food plan that includes fruit in the right portion sizes to suit your health and fitness needs.

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