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Atomic Blonde Hair Colour Trend For Summer 2021


Atomic Blonde Hair Colour Trend For Summer 2021

When it comes to hair, there’s rarely a colour more in demand than blonde. The hue can take many forms with plenty of new shades cropping up with quirky new names. Our latest favourite? “Atomic blonde” hair.

“Atomic blonde” was coined by Harriet Muldoon, who is a colourist at Larry King Salon in London, to describe the blondest of blonde hues that she created for Poppy Delevingne this summer. With lockdown restrictions lifted and salons fully back up and running, people are flocking to their colourists for more than just a root touch-up. The likes of Muldoon have seen a huge rise in people opting for the lightest, brightest shade possible — and it’s no wonder with 62 million tags for #blondemoment on TikTok alone.

“This summer, we will see a rise in clients asking for statement colour and brighter and bolder pieces that are striking in appearance,” said Muldoon. “Atomic blonde is a fierce comeback colour — the tone is strong and bold but with a modern twist. The multidimensional colour technique and products used ensure that the hair is kept in top condition whilst ensuring the colour is as powerful as it can be,” she added.

To create Delevingne’s atomic blonde hue, Muldoon used the new Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside, which is essential to the shade as it keeps the hair super healthy and shiny whilst getting the brightest shade possible. “To create the look, I used Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside with shades EQ Bonder Inside 010Gi Tahitian Sand and 010NB Caramel Cloud, followed by the new Acidic Concentrate in-salon treatment at the back bar,” Muldoon explained.

The best part about atomic blonde is that anyone can wear it — your colourist can help you decide on the perfect hue for your skin tone.

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