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Being Single in Your 30s


Being Single in Your 30s

Being single in your 30s is a whole different game, one where you are the true winner and all of your exes and failed attempts at serious relationships don’t come back to haunt you — they come back to liberate you. You feel free, whole, and happy on a whole other level. When I look back at my love life in my 20s, I get embarrassed. I said all the wrong things on dates, entered into relationships with all the wrong types of people, and didn’t put myself first, ever, for the entire decade. But in my 30s, the relationship I have with myself comes first, and I no longer find myself chasing after an engagement ring, giving in to the noise that my biological clock is making, or wanting to be in a relationship unless it’s absolutely right. Being single in your 30s has perks — major perks. This list of will remind you why being single and 30 is the greatest.

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