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Bella Ramsey Is a Eurovision Superfan

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Bella Ramsey Is a Eurovision Superfan


While the nation is busy organising Eurovision watch parties and warming up their vocal chords to sing along, there are also a fair few Eurovision haters. But there’s one star who won’t let those with strong views against the show get the better of them: “The Last of Us”‘s Bella Ramsey. The actor filmed a clip on BBC Eurovision’s official Twitter account, where she explained that she wanted to “set the record straight” against mindless myths about the song contest.

“Nobody loves Eurovision more than me,” the 19-year-old actor proudly admitted about the show, which will soon see Eurovision hosts Graham Norton, “Ted Lasso” star Hannah Waddingham, “Britain’s Got Talent” judge Alesha Dixon, and Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina present the music contest from Liverpool, on behalf of Ukraine. Answering one tweet, which saw a user explaining that they “just don’t get” the show, Ramsey – who identifies as nonbinary, but still uses she/her pronouns – had the best response. “I’m sorry you don’t understand fun,” the self-proclaimed Eurovision mega-fan said. Another tweet saw someone else asking “what is the point of ‘Eurvosion’?”, to which she clapped back: “The point? The point is unbridled joy, deep happiness, meeting your coworkers the next day and talking about why you preferred Finland to Sweden. We’re sharing the music of other cultures, it’s education!”

Furthering how serious she is about the music competition, the actor re-shared the clip to her own Instagram platform. “Eurovision is one of the greatest things to ever exist. Jedward a close second,” she penned about one of the biggest Eurovision stars of all time. “So, when Jedward performed at Eurovision TWICE I lost my tiny mind. Anyway. Enjoy this. Also I saw Jedward live on the actual day of my 10th birthday, just saying.” If nothing else, Ramsey’s dedication to “Eurovision” is deeply impressive.


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