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Best Skin-Care Tools and Devices to Sculpt and Brighten 2020


Best Skin-Care Tools and Devices to Sculpt and Brighten 2020

Back in the day, we might have overlooked skin-care tools and devices as being unnecessary and not worth the hefty price tag. Fast forward to 2020, and whilst skin-care tools still aren’t a total necessity in a skin-care routine, thanks to huge strides in the beauty tech world, there are tons of devices that are worth the investment if you’re someone who is obsessed with skin care and looking after the health of your skin.

At POPSUGAR, we just can’t resist a skin-care tool to be quite honest. The idea of being able to achieve almost professional results at home is too good to miss out on. That’s why we’ve rounded up our absolute favourite at-home skin-care devices. Highlights include: an LED mask, which makes you look like you just stepped out of a Sci-Fi movie (but makes your skin look smoother), a metal sphere-shaped gadget that works wonders on sculpting, and a silicone brush that’s not only fun to use but also means business when it comes to washing your face. Trust us when we say these tools and devices expertly brighten, tone, and deep cleanse your skin — all from the comfort of your bathroom.

Ahead, read on to see which 11 skin-care tools and devices the POPSUGAR editors think are worth every penny.

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