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Best Yoga Poses for Toning the Body

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Best Yoga Poses for Toning the Body


Are you one of those people who hear the word yoga and think “meditation”? No doubt that yoga is a way of meditating and connecting with your body and deeper self. But, it also challenges the body physically and improves joint mobility and overall muscle tone. Yoga serves many purposes depending upon the poses you choose! So for those who like home workouts, here are the best yoga poses to get that body toned! 

The downward-facing dog is the most basic yoga pose that glues the whole routine together. It stretches the shoulders and hamstrings. Most of your upper body weight is channeled through your shoulders to the mat and hence, it tones the arms and builds strength in the shoulders. 

From the standing position, reach down till your palms touch the ground and walk your hands forward. Push into your palms and raise your hips towards the sky. Press your chest towards your thighs to get a nice flat back. Stay in the pose for a couple of deep breaths.

High plank is excellent for toning the core, quads, and deltoids.

From the downward-facing dog, lower your hips down and adjust the arms such that they are directly under your shoulder. Your legs should be resting on your toes and your body should be in line. Feel the tension in your abdominal muscles and shoulders. Take a few deep breaths.

Locust poses strengthen the spine, buttocks, and shoulders. 

From the high plank, lower your body with your weight on the shoulder (like in a push-up),. Gently rest your body on the mat. Now, peel up your chest from the floor and take your arms towards your back. Lace your fingers together on the back. Feel the burn in your back and shoulders. Make sure that your feet are pressed firmly to the ground. 

Carrier poses are best for building strength in the legs and abdominals. 

We asked White Dog Studio, a fitness Yarraville centre on how to perform a warrior post. Begin from your mountain pose (standing posture) and lower down in a lunge. Keep your abdominal muscle strongly contracted. Extend your arms up in the sky. Now gently rotate your torso and extend your arms such that your arms are parallel above both legs, one with each, facing the opposite. Stay in this pose for a couple of deep breaths and feel the burn in your core and quads. 

The bridge pose strengthens the glutes and hamstrings. 

Lie down flat on your back, arms at your side, palms facing the mat. Bend your knees but keep them separated from each other. Bring your heels as close to your buttocks as you can. Ideally, you should be able to touch your glutes with your heels. Press your heels into the mat and peel your lower back from the ground. For chest expansion, rotate your shoulders towards the back to create space and interlace your fingers on the floor directly below your raised lower back. Stay in the poses for a couple of deep breaths and then release. 


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