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Beyond App Review: We Tested Meggan Grubb’s New Fitness App


Beyond App Review: We Tested Meggan Grubb’s New Fitness App


Fitness apps were the unsung — or, truthfully, the very loudly sung — heroes of 2020. When the gyms closed and motivation went swiftly out the window, it was fitness apps and virtual trainers that picked up the slack and kept us moving.

The latest fitness app to catch our attention is by fitness influencer and personal trainer Meggan Grubb. Grubb was very active on Instagram during the lockdown, posting regular live workouts to her 1.4 million followers — and now she’s channelled those workouts into Beyond.

Beyond is an app that hopes to support both your physical and mental health. As soon as you open the app, you can see it’s a little different from some others on the market. The colour scheme is a calming sky blue, the logo is a cute cloud, and you’re immediately greeted by name with a jaunty “Good evening!” (depending on the time of day) and a positive phrase that changes daily.

On the day I’m writing this, my phrase is “You have so much to offer as the person you are right now”. It’s clever, because while other apps might have the subtext of “let us help you change”, immediately I am put into a different headspace with Beyond.

The other notable difference is the journal function built into the app. Each day, you’re given a prompt and can write as much as you want on that topic. Maybe it’s listing five lessons you learned that week, or what you’re grateful for. All journal entries are saved in the app’s “Gratitude Journal”, so if you love to journal but always forget or lose your notebooks, you might like this feature.

The app is also loaded with recipes and workouts, so let’s dive in. Keep on reading to find out exactly what we think of Meggan Grubb’s new fitness app, Beyond.


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