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Can You Get Sick After Having a Facial? –

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Can You Get Sick After Having a Facial? –


Facials are a great way to transform your skin. The use of steam, scrubs, cleansers, and extractions during facials makes your skin less prone to breakouts while providing antiaging benefits. There are several things to keep in mind before receiving your first beauty treatment from a skilled esthetician. Take a look at what to expect following a skin care treatment and how to keep your skin in healthy condition.

Can a Facial Make You Sick?


No matter what type of treatment you get, you will experience some common side effects when you get a facial. However, the side effects are usually mild and should not make you feel terrible or sick.

Redness and irritation can be caused by the pressure of exfoliation, extractions, and the products used. You shouldn’t wear makeup or use skin care products on the day of and the days following your session, as the skin needs time to heal and reset. That being said, avoid making beauty treatment appointments within three days of needing to appear your best.

Facials provide a deep cleaning of your pores and pull bacteria to the surface of your skin. It’s not uncommon to experience breakouts. Always make sure that steam machines and tools are properly sterilized by the esthetician before treatment begins. Extractions can either be done with the fingers or with tools to purify your pores. Vigorous extractions can damage the outer layer of your skin and cause cuts and bleeding. A skilled esthetician can perform extractions without damaging your skin and should always wear gloves. Exfoliation brings the freshest layer of skin to the surface, but harsh exfoliation can result in dry and itchy skin. You can counter posttreatment dryness with a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer.

There’s a different type of facial for everyone, from those with skin concerns to those with sensitive skin. The key to having the best experience is to choose the right treatment for your unique skin. Endota Spa offers a variety of high-performance facials that have lasting results and nurturing care. Their expert estheticians offer the latest skin rejuvenation solutions, including clinical peels, advanced lasers, and LED light therapy. At Endota, you can discover the available high-performance facials that will help you achieve your best skin. All facials are performed with the spa’s revolutionary skin care range that aids the renewal process and restores a youthful appearance.

Breakouts Happen


Like any restorative process, your skin will look worse before it gets better following your session. Your skin will likely purge any impurities hiding in your pores and cause breakouts. This is normal and something that clears up within a few days. The more toxins hiding deep in your skin, the more you’ll break out.

Don’t Pick Your Skin


It’s difficult not to pick at your skin when it breaks out on a normal day. Avoid picking at blackheads or whiteheads on sensitive skin. Your esthetician will perform all the necessary extractions during the session. Picking at the impurities that come to the skin’s surface following a session can cause irritation and possible scarring.

Skip Makeup and Skin Care Products


The worst thing you can do to your skin following a session is to cover up redness and irritation with makeup. Your pores are more open than usual and more susceptible to bacteria. Give your freshly cleansed skin a break from makeup and intense skin care products for a few days. This allows your skin to breathe better and makes the serums, creams, and peels used more effective.

Avoid Sun Exposure


Avoid sun exposure for a few days. Exfoliation results in sensitive skin that’s more vulnerable to harmful UV rays. It’s always a good idea to wear daily sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30. If you have to be outside following a treatment, be sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat that will protect your face from sun exposure.

Talk to your esthetician about your skin concerns and skin care goals to ensure you undergo the right treatment for your skin type.


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