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Celebrities in Sketch London Restaurant Bathroom

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Celebrities in Sketch London Restaurant Bathroom

If you’ve ever come across a certain pod-filled, rainbow-roofed lavatory on your feed and thought it could only possibly exist on the set of A Wrinkle of Time, you are mistaken. The bathroom in question actually belongs to London restaurant Sketch, a favourite hotspot for celebrities, bloggers, and selfie-aficionados alike.

Whether you’re sipping on an Old Fashioned in their pocket-sized East Bar or seated in the equally-iconic Gallery decorated by a commissioned artist every few years (at this moment, it’s perfectly pink thanks to David Shrigley) — the bathrooms are a must-visit. Not only will you be transported to an otherworldly affair, you may even find yourself in the company of nests of geese in a Winter wonderland or floral paradise. The bathroom is often dressed up with a seasonal touch, luring in the likes of Sophie Turner, Bella Hadid, and Kylie Jenner.

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