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Celebrity Jobs Before They Were Famous

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Celebrity Jobs Before They Were Famous


Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp working a summer job as a lifeguard this year is a career move we did not see coming. While 17-year-old Noah explained that his side hustle allows him to stay grounded between his rising Hollywood jobs, other big-name stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Rachel McAdams and Brad Pitt worked seemingly “normal” jobs before hitting the big time.

Many worked the 9-5 grind, while others worked as waiters and some stars had even immersed themselves in a completely different career before pursuing their passions. No matter how regular and low-key their job was, they worked their way up and paid their dues. So while we are looking back at 14 celebrities with surprising pre-fame jobs, just remember the moral of the story is that while you may feel stuck in a career rut, one day you could be rubbing shoulders with the A-list. Read ahead to see where their careers began.


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