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Celebs and Musicians for 2022: Mimi Webb and PinkPantheress


Celebs and Musicians for 2022: Mimi Webb and PinkPantheress


This has been a wild year, but through it all, we’ve had the gift of entertainment to see us through. It’s clear that music, film, TV, and YouTube aren’t going anywhere fast, and in fact, we’re only finding more avenues to keep ourselves entertained and more celebrities, music artists, and social media stars to do the entertaining for us. The same goes for 2022, and we already have a pretty solid list of people to keep an eye on in the new year, so stay tuned.

Thanks to TikTok, we discovered the likes of Mimi Webb, PinkPantheress, and Central Cee this year, all music artists who will undoubtedly make even bigger waves in 2022. With performing comes presenting, and we were definitely kept entertained by presenters Henrie Kwushue and Zeze Millz these last 12 months, both of whom are set to do some pretty big things next year.

Along with social media stars, we had an incredible amount of compelling TV shows and films this year, that sparked our love for up-and-coming actors like Juliette Motamed, Simone Ashley, and Mimi Keene, all of whom are likely to make a return to our screens in the new year, courtesy of new seasons of We Are Lady Parts, Sex Education, and Bridgerton.

Read on to find out more about our 15 rising stars to watch for 2022.


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