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Clarifier Enzyme Skin Solution Clarifies Blemishes

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Clarifier Enzyme Skin Solution Clarifies Blemishes


Clarifier is a scientific skincare brand made for all skin types for skin clarification. As the brand name suggests, Clarifier provides deep skin decongestion through removing dead skin and blemishes. These are achieved through the 2 step dermatologically researched beneficial steps, agreed by dermatologists and NO FACE Skin experts.

Step 1 Hydro Exfoliation 

Clarifier hydro exfoliation provides skin exfoliation through a hydro action without any scrubs or AHA and BHA. Is it really effective? As the other skin exfoliants are made with scrubs that often result in more skin damage, causing micro tears, or made with acids that cause skin redness and discomfort. Clarifier Hydro Exfoliator is made of Keratease, an exclusive plant based enzyme that breaks down keratin, which is the main component of the dead skin, and thus removes them easily. Test results show that the Clarifier Hydro Exfoliator removes dead skin 8 times more easily than any scrubs or acids! On top of that, the skin feels no irritation, no discomfort, and this is all done while you apply a serum-like texture. This innovative step completely changes exfoliation and makes skin exfoliation a new enjoyable experience for men and women. 


Step 2 Enzyme Treatment

This tingling treatment is powerful in reducing blemishes such as whiteheads and blackheads (it softens blackheads so they get removed by the exfoliator easily) and they can powerfully correct pigments as the enzymes serve as hyperpigmentation reducer. These actions means that the enzy treatment isn’t just suitable for acne skin types, but also for people with hyperpigmentation. Who doesn’t need a good product that’s anti-inflammatory and anti-spots? 

CLARÏFÍER ENZY is the foundational step for achieving healthy looking pore appearance. It targets to dissolve impurities such as pore congestion through natural enzymes that can efficiently assist in removing accumulated oils and other lipophilic properties, and help reduce skin stress after being exposed to environmental stressors. In this process it dissolves hyperactive pigments to break down the stubborn melanin deposited in the top layer of the skin. Thus improves the appearance of UV damaged skin, corrects uneven skin tone, and creates a natural balanced looking skin canvas. 


DISSOLVE.  Lipophilic properties in the enzymes help dissolve blackheads and whiteheads that cause pore congestion. Stubborn melanin deposited in the top skin layers are dissolved and broken down for faster reduction of hyperpigmentation. 

PREVENT.  Clarifier ENZY prevents dark spots and hyperpigmentation through its active melanin targeting properties, so that the pigmentation management is initiated from the beginning. 

CORRECT.  The potent ENZY formula is able to dissolve blemishes to correct signs of pimples, enlarged pores and dark spots, resulting in significantly reduced flaws of the skin canvas. 

WRINKLE SMOOTHING.  Due to the accelerated corneocytes turnover to help improve skin texture and rejuvenate the skin matrix, wrinkles and lines are forced to flake off the skin, leaving the skin smoothed and luminous.


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