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Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine | POPSUGAR Beauty UK


Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine | POPSUGAR Beauty UK

We can all do our bit to work toward being more eco-friendly, and even the smallest changes can make a difference. The average beauty routine can be pretty heavy on plastics and non-recyclable products, but the good news is there are alternatives out there.

The microbeads ban was a good step forward in saving the planet one beauty product at a time, but there’s still a long way to go when it comes to eco-friendly beauty. This doesn’t mean you have to throw out your current products and buy an entirely new set, but there are plenty of options to look out for when planning your next beauty haul. As today is World Ocean Day, we’ve listed seven genuinely easy changes you can make every day that will have an impact. Bonus: these will probably also save you money in the long run!

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