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Episode 1: Inspiring Weight Loss Story with PCOD🎧


Episode 1: Inspiring Weight Loss Story with PCOD🎧


An Inspiring Weight Loss Of 20kg In 6 Months With PCOD – HealthifyTalks

At this time when social media has consumed us and the notion of having a perfect body has been making us rather uncomfortable with our own, it takes courage to be body positive. In spite of all this noise, we still live with/among some people who have a zeal for life and it is infectious.

Today, we have invited one such individual, Tripti, who has always been a believer of being comfortable in your own skin, till she struggled to put up an instagram post. What changed her outlook towards her health and fitness? Her transformation is indeed inspirational. As this episode unfolds, walk with us to learn about her journey, and let’s dedicate this narrative to all the go-getters like Tripti.

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