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Euphoria Fashion: How to Dress Like Maddy and Cassie


Euphoria Fashion: How to Dress Like Maddy and Cassie


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Maddy and Cassie have quickly become our favourite tag-team in “Euphoria” season two. The frenemies might share an on-screen love interest but they have very different approaches to fashion. Do you prefer Maddy’s vampy looks or Cassie’s baby girl outfits? We consulted the show’s costume designer Heidi Bivens, before curating your perfect character wardrobe.

“For the costumes in the first season, I really tried to create our own world that was “Euphoria”, but also being grounded in some kind of reality, so that people weren’t pulled out of the story”, Bivens said in an interview with HBO for the show’s second season. “It was that more exciting to get into the second season, and push it further, and get deeper with the characters.”

“We worked with Marc Jacobs for Maddy. Jeremy Scott, Moschino, for Cassie.” — Heidi Bivens, “Euphoria” costume designer

Bivens continued to explain that when constructing each character’s style, she usually “starts with silhouette and colour.” Season one was a lot more colourful with a focus on blues and purples, and the second season shifts to a palette of black and gold, “dealing with dark darks, and bright brights”, Zendaya (who plays Rue added in the interview. For Maddy, the costume team worked with Marc Jacobs to create many of her custom looks, whereas for Cassie, her designer aesthetic was informed by Jeremy Scott’s vision for Moschino.

Cassie’s dramatic character arc in season 2 is reflected in her wardrobe transitions, starting out in a “depressed place” because of her relationship with Nate. Bivens admits that Cassie’s series of looks are for the sole purpose of “frantically” trying to get Nate’s attention. During the interview, Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie, added that “I got to play with so many cool looks because I was all these other characters that I thought Nate wanted, and then I got to lean into Maddy’s look.”

Maddy’s wardrobe also evolved in the second season, in that the costume team wanted her outfits to be more “vamp”. Alexa Demie’s character moves away from the baby pinks and purples in season one and is wearing a lot more black and grey in the second season. Maddy’s birthday outfit was a custom, co-designed look by Marc Jacobs, and for the New Year’s episode, Alexa Demie got to go fabric shopping and collaborate with Bivens and Mexican designer Aidan Euan for the AKNA cut-out minidress. If you fancy trying Maddy’s vampy, vintage style or Cassie’s flirty, feminine outfits for yourself, keep reading.


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