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Famous Film & TV Series Locations to Visit in the UK


Famous Film & TV Series Locations to Visit in the UK

If you’re a movie and television enthusiast, then you might have a few famous locations on your travel bucket list. But before you dream of visiting Hollywood’s favourite filming spots all over the globe, why not start with the iconic homes, cottages, and castles right here in the UK.

Harry Potter fans will be delighted that you can book a room in the young wizard’s childhood home simply through AirBnB. And if you fancy reliving peak ’90s pop culture, then the actual Spice Girls tour bus used in Spice World (1997) is available for a unique overnight stay. Lovers of period dramas can also get their stately fix, as iconic castles from films and televisions series like Game of Thrones, Downtown Abbey, Sherlock, and Doctor Who are all ready to accept guests for touring the premises — and some even encourage overnight bookings!

Ahead, check out the famous castles, cottages, and locations you can visit or spend the night in the UK.

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