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Fate: The Winx Saga and Sex Education Crossover


Fate: The Winx Saga and Sex Education Crossover


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“Fate: The Winx Saga” and “Sex Education” might be two separate Netflix shows with legions of loyal fans, but there is speculation that the TV series are actually linked. Netflix dropped a bomb on its viewers on 19 Sept. when a tweet from the official Netflix Twitter account pointed out that “Fate: The Winx Saga”‘s Aisha (played by Precious Mustapha) wears the exact same jacket as “Sex Education”‘s Jackson Marchetti (played by Kedar Williams-Stirling). Alongside the tweet, Netflix shared photos of Mustapha wearing the jacket in episodes five and six of the new series (which was released in the UK on 16 Sept.), and images of Williams-Stirling wearing a suspiciously similar burgundy and gold varsity jacket across all three seasons. Lovers of the shows are convinced that the costume crossover is deliberate, with the jacket featuring the exact same “M Dolphins” logo.

POPSUGAR reached out to Netflix to get the scoop on what this means, but a spokesperson for the streaming giant declined to comment. Since Netflix’s cryptic response hasn’t helped us to solve the mystery regarding the two east-London born stars’s characters, we’ve done some digging for you.

The most common theory is that these two shows are part of “the same universe”, with some fans taking this information as an indicator that the fictional Moordale exists in “Fate: The Winx Saga”‘s Otherworld. This would mean that the storylines, characters, and worlds will overlap at some point (as has happened in the Marvel Universe a number of times).

While this seems unlikely, it’s not totally out of the question (in our hopeful minds, anyway). “Fate: The Winx Saga” is set at a boarding school for fairies in “Alfea” a magical realm in the Otherworld, and is based on the Nickelodeon animated series “Winx Club”, created by Iginio Straffi. “Sex Education”, on the other hand, is set in the fictional Moordale Secondary School in England. We know what you’re thinking: there’s no magic in Moordale. This is true, but you can’t deny that Moordale has an otherworldly quality. When you watch “Sex Education” for the first time, it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly where and when it is set. This means that, for all we know, it could be within a realm of “Fate: The Winx Saga”‘s Otherworld. Even if it isn’t, we know that crossing over between the human (also known as the First World) and Otherworld is possible in “Fate: The Winx Saga”, since the main character Bloom grew up in the human world and moved to Alfea for school.

Image Source: Netflix

The more obvious connection between the two characters is their connection with swimming. Aisha is an athletic water fairy who goes swimming twice a day to unwind and keep fit. She grew up in Andros, the realm of oceans, and said she once “flooded her entire school” after being unable to control her water magic. Jackson from “Sex Education” is the swimming champion at Moordale School. The only difference between the characters, who are both played by British actors, is that Aisha finds swimming relaxing while Jackson is put under a lot of pressure from his ex-competitive swimmer mother Sofia. They have very similar personality traits though, being both as sensible and studious as the other — Jackson is the school’s head boy and Aisha dreams of becoming Alfea College’s headteacher one day. Could they be soul mates or long lost siblings stuck in different dimensions? Or have they met before? Maybe Aisha used to live in Moordale and competed for the Moordale Dolphins while attending Moordale Secondary School. The possibilities are endless.

Image Source: Netflix

A more plausible theory is that there’s an H&M in the Otherworld. The jacket that Aisha wears is slightly different from Jackson’s, featuring a simple round neck rather than a collar. Aisha’s version is presumably from H&M’s “Sex Education” collection, which came out in August 2021 with the launch of season three. Desperate to get your hands on your very own piece of Moordale and now Alfea? The sporty jacket is still up for grabs right now online here , and it’s on sale for £20.

Another exciting option is that Williams-Stirling could be set to star in the next season of “Fate: The Winx Saga”. Fans are calling to see the English actor play Nabu, a wizard from the original “Winx Club” series, who was Aisha’s love interest and eventual fiancée. Most of the “Fate: The Winx Saga” cast are British just like Williams-Stirling, so he’d fit right in. Or, it could mean that Mustapha could be set to take on a role in the next season of “Sex Education”. Maybe she’ll be joining the swim team with Jackson? All of these options sound amazing to us, but they’re only speculations. We can’t know for sure if Netflix is simply teasing us or if there is a meaning behind the costume choice, but we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for more clues in both shows.


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