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Five Simple Tips For Losing Weight Without Dieting

Weight Loss

Five Simple Tips For Losing Weight Without Dieting

1. Smart Choices in Food

The equation for losing weight is relatively simple: for every 3,500 calories of food intake equals to about one pound of fat. Here, if you take in 500 calories less of food every day for one month, that would equate to losing around 4 pounds of fat each month (500 x 30days / 3,500). This is not drastic, and can be done by everyone. But if it is that simple, why is it so hard for everyone to lose weight?

This is where lifestyle choices, eating habits, and smart food choices come in. You have to re-educate your palate into liking healthy foods. Meaning, preferences for vegetables, fruits, unprocessed foods, natural juices among many others, should clearly define what eating is all about.

2. Refrain from Emotion Eating Habits

Some people look at food as an emotional sounding board whenever they are – annoyed, unhappy, depress, and even in times when they are happy. When these happen, you pack in the flab and see your weight efforts go down the drain by overeating.

Emotional eating is the curse of people who is in the throes of losing weight without dieting. However, once you become aware of these tenders, then you can start correcting them immediately. Meaning, you eat healthy because your body needs it; not because you are stressed-out or have emotional issues that you have to deal with.

3. Sleep and Exercise

The lack of quality sleep has a direct connection to hunger pangs and overeating. Being exhausted due to non-sleeping would impair your judgment on food choices that could very well lead to weight gain. Getting at least eight hours of restful sleep each night, would be one non-diet related technique that can help you lose weight fast.

Exercise is the best way to trim off the fat and burn calories. Being busy is not an alibi for you not to exercise daily, since it can be done even at the confines of your own home. Simple exercises in spurts of 4 to 10 minutes each day can increase body metabolism and help sculpt a leaner and firmer you.

4. Drinking Water

Hunger pangs normally, does not trigger hunger. It may just be the body telling you to increase its fluid intake. If you feel hungry, it would be best to drink water first. You might be surprised to find out that you are no longer hungry, after gulping down a big glass of water. The fluid intake should be chosen carefully.

It would be wise to avoid coffee, flavored juiced drinks, soda and alcohol. This can be taken in moderation, though – like when an occasion calls for it. It would still be better to stick it out with plain water, tea, or lemonade with just a dash of sugar in it.

5. Overindulgence

Diets that would deprive you of things that you crave for like – chocolates, ice cream, cakes, and pastries could set you up for outright failure. There will be a waitency for you to eat or overindulge in these things, so canning out all your previous efforts to go on a strict diet and of losing weight.

The best way to go about this is not to eliminate it completely. You can have them still, but in smaller portions. It is better to bake these sweets yourself, to less the sugar, butter, and oil and make it diet-friendly. Techniques on eating, like indulging your senses to savor the aroma and taste of your food by eating slowly, can help you have that perfect, slim and trim body that you always dream about.

Source by CS Miravite

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