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Florence Pugh Wishes Ashley Park Happy Birthday

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Florence Pugh Wishes Ashley Park Happy Birthday


The blossoming friendship between Florence Pugh and Ashley Park is a beautiful thing, and it’s been highlighted in an adorable birthday tribute posted by Pugh for the “Emily in Paris” star. Alongside a carousel of candid photos of the pair, Pugh added a lengthy caption to explain the impact Park has had on her life since they met under a year ago at the Valentino Couture show last October.

Despite posting a day late on 7 June (Park’s birthday is 6 June), she wanted to honour the moment of “one of the most beautiful and purest people on this planet”. In the relatively short time the two actors have known each other, Pugh declares that “she has changed my life exponentially”. Proving that sometimes friendship isn’t about the quantity of time you’ve known each other, but the quality of the time spent together, the “Don’t Worry Darling” star outlined just what she loves about 32-year-old Park.

“You know when you come across people where your humour slots into place instantly, your memories form with every minute you have the pleasure of being in their company, and most importantly, their way of being wraps around you so tight and lifts you up so high that you’re confused they were never there before? I feel very lucky that my doors slid and allowed me to love and learn from this special lady,” she wrote, next to a series of selfies including food, wine, and face masks. “Life is a lot sunnier since Ashley came into it,” she added.

Declaring the whole month of June “Ashley Month”, Pugh also gave some context to their cute photos of an Italian dinner. “I knew from our first pasta photoshoot (we’d only known each other for a matter of minutes) that you were the Parmesan to my bowl of plain pasta,” Pugh wrote. While we would never describe Pugh as “plain pasta” — at least a delicious spag bol – their bond is seriously special.

And the feeling is mutual. Park posted a similarly adorable tribute for Pugh’s 27th birthday in January, declaring she is the “definition of finding your other half”. Both women are hugely successful in their careers, but we love to see the pair support each other. Most recently, Park appeared in hit Netflix show, “Beef”, and will star in season 4 of “Emily in Paris”, Pugh is currently filming “We Live in Time” with Andrew Garfield, and has wrapped “Dune: Part II” with Zendaya. Surely, it’s just a matter of time before the BFFs pair up for a project? Or, at the very least, a pasta range.


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