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Foam Mattresses by Eve, Simba, Bruno, Leesa: Which Is Best?


Foam Mattresses by Eve, Simba, Bruno, Leesa: Which Is Best?

When we started digging into the world of mattresses to help work out which type is the best, we stumbled across a whole new world of independent mattress brands hoping to challenge the big boys when it comes to shut-eye. You’ve probably seen ads for them on public transport in the last few months, as this world is now big business. Gone are the days of heading to a stuffy showroom to pick up a traditional sprung mattress, only to have a delivery driver refuse to take it upstairs for you a few weeks later. Now the cool kids are investing in new, modern foam mattresses that are delivered to your door in a box. These one-mattress-suits-all creations have been rigorously tested to provide support for all kinds of sleepers, and most come with seriously good trial periods if you’re still unsure. But with so many on the market, which one is right for you? We’ve broken down the basics of seven leading brands, from cost and guarantees to the composition of the mattress itself, to help you on your journey to the best night’s sleep ever.

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