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Glastonbury Crowds Step In to Help Lewis Capaldi


Glastonbury Crowds Step In to Help Lewis Capaldi



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Lewis Capaldi’s Glastonbury performance was even more heart-warming than anticipated. As he finished his set on 24 June at the Somerset festival, Capaldi experienced a Tourette’s flare-up that began affecting his performance. With thousands of fans watching, the crowd immediately took over and began singing the lyrics for his hit single “Someone You Loved” in the ultimate show of togetherness.

Throughout his set, it was evident that Capaldi was struggling with symptoms, which include involuntary tics and repeated movements. “My voice is going big time, so I’m very sorry, it’s the worst place for it to f**king happen. However, we’re going to play two more songs even if I can’t sing properly,” he told the crowd. “I’m really sorry before we go any further as it’s a f**king pain in the arse. You’ve all come out and I really apologise that my voice is packing in.”

As the crowd cheered in support between tracks, Capaldi spoke of his frustration, saying, “Glastonbury I’m really sorry, I’m a bit annoyed with myself here.” His incredibly supportive fans were having none of it, and took to social media to defend the singer. “Losing his voice, ticks taking over, he battled through and the crowd lifted him up. What a set #LewisCapaldi absolutely incredible #glastonbury2023 moment,” wrote one fan. “oh @LewisCapaldi… you deserve all of this and more! you are a true treasure,” tweeted another.

His Glastonbury performance comes after he announced he would be cancelling all tour dates, apart from the festival, to “rest and recover” from his recent health concerns. The Scottish star has been incredibly open about his Tourette’s diagnosis and panic attacks of late, most recently in his Netflix documentary, “How I’m Feeling Now“. During a February performance in Berlin, he was also met with the crowd stepping in to help him finish his set after a flare-up of Tourette’s.

While Capaldi may have struggled with his voice on stage, his hilarious sense of humour did not waver. He teased that Ed Sheeran was joining him on stage and joked that The White Stripes would be making money off him after the crowd began singing his name to the “Seven Nation Army” tune. Despite Capaldi’s setbacks, there’s no doubting he has become a national treaure. Here’s hoping he gets the rest he needs and is back to full health soon.


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