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Helena Bonham-Carter Thinks The Crown Should End Now


Helena Bonham-Carter Thinks The Crown Should End Now


Picture shows: (L-R) Princess Margaret (HELENA BONHAM-CARTER) and Princess Diana (EMMA CORRIN) **VANITY FAIR EXCLUSIVE**

If the last few months have revealed anything, it’s that we can’t get enough of the Royals. From lapping up every revelation unveiled in Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare” to eagerly Googling every scene from Netflix’s The Crown” to filter the truth from the drama, there’s something about the monarchy that has us fascinated. Yet, actor Helena Bonham-Carter, who played Princess Margaret in series 3 and 4 of “The Crown”, thinks the show should call it quits.

Speaking to The Guardian, Bonham-Carter says: “I should be careful here too, but I don’t think they should carry on, actually. I’m in it and I loved my episodes, but it’s very different now. When The Crown started it was a historic drama, and it’s crashed into the present.”

“The Crown” series 5 ended with Princess Diana meeting Dodi Fayed, so it is assumed that series 6 will follow the beginnings of their relationship, including their untimely death in Paris on 31 Aug, 1997. Many viewers have expressed feeling uncomfortable with the series creator, Peter Morgan, and his team revisiting more recent, painful events, especially in light of Prince Harry’s honest accounts of how his mother’s death affected him and his brother, William. “But that’s up to them,” Bonham-Carter says.

Having played the “spare” during her two series as Princess Margaret, which saw her nominated for Emmys, BAFTAs, and Golden Globes, Bonham-Carter is reluctant to comment on Harry’s experience. “I don’t really want to contribute to the whole thing. It’s complicated and it’ll get taken out of context,” she says. “And I think it’s been given enough attention.”

Instead, the 56-year-old reveals that Princess Margaret wasn’t so concerned with being the spare to the heir, but had a complex about her height. “Well, actually, the real Margaret didn’t mind about being number two, but she did mind being really short. She was just 5ft, so there was something in her posture to maximise every little millimetre: she had her car seat elevated so she could be seen,” Bonham-Carter explains. “And a lot of it was the need not to be overlooked, probably prompted by her great-grandmother saying something about the fact that she was tiny. And that scarred her. It’s funny what we carry – a complex that can govern all our behaviour.”

Despite debates about “The Crown”‘s continuation, series six has been given the green light, although it is expected to be the last.


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