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How Can Glucose Tracking Complement Our Weight Loss?


How Can Glucose Tracking Complement Our Weight Loss?


Before knowing about weight loss and how calorie and glucose tracking can affect your weight, it is necessary to see why and how you gain weight in the first place. Weight gain is not only about putting on some inches or increasing body mass and fat deposit. Instead, weight loss or weight gain is a more complex process that is a function of various factors like genetics, diet, food combinations, lifestyle, etc.

Your hormones and other factors play an essential role in weight management. One of the common reasons for weight gain is food and insulin levels. Insulin helps regulate glucose or blood sugar levels in your blood. Insulin helps your body cells absorb glucose. After eating food, the insulin hormone stimulates body muscles, fat cells and liver cells to absorb glucose. The cells use glucose for energy for the proper functioning of the body and convert the excess glucose into fat.

Eating an excess of high carbohydrate foods can cause high blood sugar levels. Since your body breaks down carbs into simple sugar after digestion, your body does not respond appropriately to insulin after some time. As a result, it can not remove glucose from the blood, leading to fat accumulation in your tissues.

People often think that insulin is associated with diabetes, but also of the main reasons you gain weight. Your body releases insulin for glucose in your blood. If your glucose level is low (caused by not consuming a balanced diet), your body will release more insulin to balance it out. With time your body will store the glucose as fats, causing weight gain.

You can control and manage your weight by making smart food choices. But, you can only make healthy choices if you are aware of your body’s response to various foods. A Continuous Glucose Monitoring device (CGM) can help you do that effectively at your fingertips. CGM can help you track your glucose levels, and you can have a correct idea of what to eat and what not to eat to lose weight. Therefore, HealthifyPro BIOS is the best solution to manage your weight more healthily.

BIOS is a continuous glucose monitoring device that shows the amount of spike any food item causes in your glucose or blood sugar levels. Tracking glucose is an effective method of losing weight the correct way. Generally, you have to wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor to know how your glucose levels affect your body. But with BIOS, you don’t have to wear it constantly.

BIOS only has to be worn once a month. The advanced technology will record all the data patterns in the device concerning your lifestyle choices. The latest BIOS technology helps you support your weight loss efforts.

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Weight Loss is More than Just Cutting Down on Calories

Losing weight is a complex process. Many factors play an essential role in weight loss. The most significant ones are your food choices. However, another critical factor is different food combinations. Weight loss might seem straightforward, but many factors control weight gain. Eating some common weight loss foods or following a typical weight loss diet is not the ultimate solution you should rely on for weight loss. Everyone is different; hence you need a customised solution. Therefore, following a custom diet that does not affect your daily routine is essential. 

Sometimes the calorie deficit diet model is not flawed. Its just not enough by itself and fails to provide sufficient minerals and vitamins essential to keep you healthy during your weight loss journey. Your body needs fuel to work correctly, and foods provide that fuel. 

People follow various calorie deficit diets and different exercise routines to lose weight. By following a typical calorie deficit diet, you consume fewer calories and exercise more to lose weight rapidly. But by doing this, you trigger your glucose levels. As your body is not getting enough fuel (food) to work correctly, you’re burning whatever calories you are consuming by exercising, which can cause disturbance in your blood sugar levels. And your body will not respond appropriately to insulin which can cause various complications in your weight loss journey. Therefore, monitoring your food intake and taking advice from a dietician is essential before following any weight loss diet and exercising routines.

How Glucose Tracking Helps You Make Healthier Food Choices?

A study suggests that people who follow a properly balanced diet or eat well-balanced meals lose more body fat than people following dissociate diets. Surprisingly, eating different food combinations can cause considerable glucose and insulin level fluctuations. Moreover, different individuals can have highly different glucose levels and responses to the same food, regardless of calorie content. Therefore, it is essential to track your glucose levels to lose weight more effectively. However, manually monitoring glucose levels after eating something is not easy as each food impacts your body differently because of calorie variations.

It is necessary to know your calorie intake to track your glucose levels, and HealthifyPro has made it easy with CGM. It is a complex and evolved way of establishing a relationship between calories and glucose levels. The built-in calorie tracker helps you know the exact amount of calories a food item contains. You can take a picture of the food you want to consume. The tracker will tell you the number of calories and other micronutrients that food item contains. A CGM helps you make more intelligent choices regarding food, which directly affects your glucose levels. 

Calories and sugar spikes do not have a linear relationship. For example, eating some low-calorie foods will not cause a dramatic spike in blood sugar levels, whereas all foods with higher calories will also not cause a massive spike in blood sugar levels. Therefore, a CGM helps you in healthy weight loss and track glucose levels, allowing you to eat healthy foods and eliminate foods that are not healthy. Calorie tracking is essential. However, having a diet that keeps your glucose spikes under control is a better way to approach your body transformation journey (we are moving away from weight to body composition based on smart weighing scale).

It is vital to make conscious efforts in what you eat and how you burn it to lose calories. HealthifyPro helps you in taking easy steps toward your fitness. For example, you have eaten something high in calories that causes a spike in your glucose levels. In that case, HealthifyPro can suggest light running or jogging to balance your calorie intake within a stipulated time. Hence you can manage everything starting from your food intake, to calorie management, to exercising. 

The main job of your metabolism is to convert foods and drinks you consume into energy. High glucose levels can affect your metabolic function, which causes various metabolic dysfunction. If you eat food with a high glycemic index, it will cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. Eating high glycemic index foods affects your glucose levels. It disrupts your metabolic functions, making it difficult for your metabolism to convert food into energy. And if your food does not convert into energy, it means you’re eating more calories than you’re burning. 

These excess calories convert into fats and are stored in your body, causing weight gain. Therefore, your glucose levels have to be adequately maintained for your metabolism to work effectively. 

HealthifyPro metabolic panel becomes the basis for tracking your nutritional requirements. The 80 parameters show the exact condition of your metabolic health. In addition, the coaches help you give suggestions whenever there is a wrong food intake. 

The coaches get to know the difference in the glucose level with every food intake on a real-time basis. Then, taking an empirical average, they will provide immediate solutions based on real-time interventions. For example, coaches can tell you to consume mangoes with chia seeds or whole-grain pasta with lean protein to ensure your food combinations are helping you the right way and your metabolism is working correctly. 

Such small changes will lead to long-term behavioural changes. Eating foods that are specifically suited to your body’s needs is essential, as the same foods with the same amount of calories can cause different levels of glucose fluctuation in two individuals. And HealthifyPro coaches help with that without any strict calorie deficit diet plan. 


A CGM can monitor your fasting and current glucose level and how your glucose reacts to specific food combinations. Food and your lifestyle and daily activities like sleep, stress, etc., play an essential role in your weight loss efforts. Therefore, continuous glucose monitoring and or glucose tracking combined with your daily activities and food habits can keep you accountable for reaching your weight loss goals. 

There is a reason why conventional diets fail to make you reach your weight loss goals. They use standardized calorie tracking methods, which fail to provide accurate results like CGM devices. Therefore, it is vital to manage weight with data-backed information to reach weight loss goals and keep various metabolic problems and diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular health issues, and more at bay. In addition, it is crucial not to follow what everyone is doing because your body is different from others. Hence, it is essential to take expert advice before following any weight loss diet plan.

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