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How to Build Your Immunity During the Pandemic


How to Build Your Immunity During the Pandemic

With states reopening, more people will be around others and exposed to potential infection risks. Experts say it is critical to boost your immune system so you can ward off the coronavirus and prevent serious disease.

According to, Dr. Donna Casey with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas says good hygiene is your first line of defense against contracting COVID-19 and that includes frequent hand washing and wearing a mask in pubic.

Supplements can also help boost your immunity, said the expert.

“There are two large studies showing vitamin D3 and Zinc can lower your risk of death by almost 50%,” she said.

Sunshine helps provide vitamin D but supplements are recommended if you cannot get outside for 15 minutes a day. Zinc is found in foods such as dark chocolate, meat, nuts, and beans but Casey said taking zinc supplements can help ensure you are getting enough to keep immunity high. She recommended a 25-milligram dose for children and 50 milligrams for adults, daily.

Many people tuned to so-called comfort foods and alcohol during lockdown which Casey said lower your immune defenses. She said alcohol is toxic to bone marrow where white blood cells are manufactured that fight off infections. Sweets and other sugar foods also suppress our immune system, the expert told

Stress, which is running rampant during the pandemic, also hurts our immune response, so managing stress can help us stay healthy both mentally and physically. Exercise is an excellent stress-buster, she said.

“So, going for a walk outside and just getting a little sunshine can do wonders for you,” she said. “When you exercise and move around, you circulate your lymphatic system which is part of your immune system, so don’t sit around and watch movies all day.”

A new study revealed, even in isolation, without access to gyms and sports clubs, people should continue to exercise daily. Dr. James Turner,  from the Department of Health at the University of Bath in England underscored, “regular exercise has a tremendous positive effect on health and well-being, both today and for the future,” according to Science Daily.

“In the context of coronavirus and the conditions we find ourselves today, the most important consideration is reducing your exposure to other people who may be carrying the virus,” he said. “But people should not overlook the importance of staying fit, active and healthy during this period. Provided it is carried out in isolation — away from others – then regular, daily exercise will help better maintain the way the immune system works.”

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