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How to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet


How to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet

It’s hard enough trying to stay clear of sugar on a normal day, but factor in long, lazy weekends and it can seem damn near impossible. Not only do you have to worry about the over-abundance of confectionery, you also have to be aware of the sugar hiding in less obvious foods. As hard as it might seem, kicking your sugar habit is beneficial in so many ways. Not only will you be losing weight by ridding your diet of calories that have no nutritional value, you’ll be reducing the production of bad bacteria in your gut (which causes indigestion and constipation) and you’ll be improving your mood overall because your brain wont be relying on “sugar highs” to beat the blues. If you’re struggling to beat the sweet stuff, trainer and nutritionist at DW Fitness Clubs, Carly Tierney has 9 tips that’ll help you detoxify your body of the sweet stuff.

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