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How to Look Stunning Everyday with a Limited Wardrobe –

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How to Look Stunning Everyday with a Limited Wardrobe –


Most women are guilty of owning a closet bursting with clothes. They’ll also admit that they don’t wear more than 40% to 60% of their wardrobe. If you’ve been standing in front of your collection more often than not and thinking, “I don’t have a thing to wear!” it’s time to deal with the problem. Try these tips to ensure that you’ll always have something fabulous to wear without cluttering up the closet. 

Edit Your Wardrobe Ruthlessly – Get a Friend to Help!

Call a friend to help get rid of the stuff that is not working as well for you anymore. If a piece has not fit you in the last two seasons, delegate it to the “Donate” pile. No, you won’t lose weight, and that new diet is not really “guaranteed” to work. Accept that some clothes looked great on the mannequins in the store. But, somehow, they don’t suit your body structure or skin tone. If you’ve passed up the opportunity to wear the piece more than a couple of times, it goes into the “Discard” stack. Rely on your friend’s judgment on what looks great on you. 

Never Buy a Dress for a Special Occasion

Whether you have a big event or party to plan for, or just feel like wearing something different, resist the impulse to go shopping. Chances are that you’ll end up wearing the outfit just a few times. Instead, you can rent beautiful dresses anywhere in Australia designed by a top couturier, wear it for the day, and return it when you’re done. You can easily hire dresses in Sydney, Melbourne or any remote corner of Australia and your dresses will arrive via post. Not only will you avoid cluttering up your closet, but you’ll also avoid investing in new clothes. The rent will cost far less than the cost of making a purchase. You may have to put down a deposit in case of accidental damage, but if you return the dress intact, the company refunds the amount. At best, you’ll only be liable for minor stains and rips.

You Can Choose From a Selection of Thousands of Dresses

Fashion rental stores typically have catalogs with a stunning collection of designer wear for you to select. If you can’t find something in your size, the store will take your order and arrange the right fit for you. To avoid the possibility of non-availability, you might want to book the dress you want ahead of time, like at least a week to ten days. Most stores also have a selection of matching shoes and bags. If you need jewelry and accessories suitable for the event, you have the option of renting them, though you might have to put down a refundable deposit.

Saving on Money and Space Are Only Some of the Benefits

Renting dresses for special occasions is not only great for saving on space and money, but you’ll also get the benefit of having something new to wear every time you go out. You can experiment with trendy styles every season without the guilt. If you’re not happy with the order, simply leave the tags intact and send back the dress for a replacement. 


Looking and feeling fantastic does not need you to invest in a lavish wardrobe that you’ll likely wear only a couple of times. Switch shopping expeditions to online catalogs and renting dresses. Receive perfectly-fitted couture and indulge in your passion for fashion.


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