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How to Lose Weight

Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight

With the Internet nowadays you can find one million and one different options for weight loss. Everything from electric ab toners promising to give you over night success to magic pills that will make all the fat on your body disappear. These can be of some use and there are some really good products available, but first things first, before you go an invest in some new state of the art product..there are two things you need to get started!! A good exercise regime..and a balanced diet.

For your diet you need to forget about fast food, soft drinks, ready made meals, alcohol..basically the good stuff lol!! When I say forget about I don’t mean you have to live like a monk but you cant over indulge! You have to think about eating small amounts more often through out the day!! This prevents your body from holding onto and storing fat! Forget about starving yourself and then eating one big meal a day as your body will then hold onto the fat as it is not getting enough.

As for exercise..cardio work is where you should start..and the best kind of cardio there is..running!! Yes I know! It is hard work but it burns the calories off like no other! You can do all the sit ups and stomach crunches in the world..but if you have a layer of flab over them…then while you will have a belly like a sheet of iron, it will still look like a bowl full of jelly. Running will get rid of this!!. Once you have settled into a regime of light training and are eating a proper balanced diet then I would recommend introducing other aerobic exercises into your training or if you have a boxercise class running locally attending that.

Source by Dave Laman Jones

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