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How To Start Your Spiritual Journey with Teacher and Influencer Julia Lundin

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How To Start Your Spiritual Journey with Teacher and Influencer Julia Lundin


Spiritual awakening. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you encounter this expression? 

Ethereal, rejuvenating, life-altering, perhaps?


The truth is, spiritual awakening isn’t as easy-going and straightforward as people make it appear to be. 


When you spiritually awaken, you jump on a rollercoaster that is filled with ups and downs that are meant to teach you lessons you never thought you would learn, had it not been for those experiences. 


A spiritual awakening is one of the most alienating and confusing experiences you could have, shaking up your life like a tornado and ruining everything you used to believe. 


But it is crucial to remember that as unpredictable and unsettling as the spiritual journey may be, it is worth it, as it puts us on the path towards true happiness and fulfillment on the soul level instead of the ego level.


So how do you start a spiritual awakening journey?


According to Julia Lundin, spiritual teacher and founder of The Spirit Nomad, the first step is to find your purpose, your calling in life. 


“When you are working a 9-5 job you are exchanging time for money, which prevents you from doing what you actually want to do and experience in life. Your life is centered around fulfilling someone else’s dream, instead of your own.”


Julia also shares her personal spiritual awakening journey, which compelled her to quit her job at Google once she realized it wasn’t serving her soul. 


She became a digital nomad and found herself living a completely different life from what she had imagined for herself before. That, she believes, is the power of spiritual awakening and how it can transform one’s life for the better. 


No matter how challenging the process of spiritual awakening is, it is a vital experience that helps you get out of a life on autopilot, often based on other people’s expectations, and realize your soul’s true desires. 


It is only when you reconnect with your soul and realize your life purpose that you begin to lead a life worth living. 


In her free guide Find Your Purpose In 2 Hours, she shares exactly how to find out what your purpose is.


Julia has also initiated a comprehensive program, Nomad Freedom Academy, which helps people turn their purpose into an online business that satisfies both their soul and the market. 


Julia seeks to help all spiritual seekers who feel lost in dissatisfaction harness their inner power and ascend in their spiritual journeys. through posting educational videos on her YouTube channel and sharing empowering content on her blog


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