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How to Stop Calorie Justification


How to Stop Calorie Justification

You may not have heard of the term Calorie Justification, but you probably know what it means if you’ve ever worked out with the sole intention of indulging in an unhealthy snack after. According to a recent study by The New York Bakery Co., as many as 40 percent of Brits only exercise as a way of justifying unhealthy eating and drinking habits, with chocolate bars, wine, and cake making the top three post-workout indulgences. Although working out to eat more of the unhealthy stuff may sound like the perfect balancing act, it can set you back because you rarely work out hard enough to justify the high-calorie “rewards”, meaning the habit leads inevitably to major weight gain.

In order to help us break these unhealthy habits, the brand enlisted Joe Wicks (of “Lean in 15” fame) to encourage people to consistently fuel up the right way. Read on for four tips from Joe that’ll stop you sabotaging your success!

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