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I Bought a Stack World Membership, and Here’s What I Learned


I Bought a Stack World Membership, and Here’s What I Learned


Image Source: The Stack World

Having already become accustomed to the alienation of living alone and taking all my meetings via Zoom, I recently stepped into the world of freelancing. Loneliness ensued for a brief while until I joined The Stack World. Dubbed an “all-new power network for mission-driven women”, The Stack World is a multimedia company featuring a members club, a network app, events series, an editorial publication, and a coworking space. Founded by entrepreneur Sharmadean Reid MBE, she describes her newest business enterprise model as “content, conversations, and commerce”.

My first event was “Fundraising as a Female Founder – How I Raised Funds for Rape Kits” with the founder of Leda Health, Madison Campbell. After we eased in with some breath work, ahead of the heavy subject matter, Campbell shared how she’d turned her own personal trauma into a company built by survivors, for survivors. Women candidly discussed the nature of sexual assault. I’d never experienced an open forum like this that welcomed stigma-free discussion and a collective hopefulness toward change.

Image Source: The Stack World

Off the bat, I had sent voice-notes to friends telling them about the experience. It wasn’t long before I started recommending The Stack World to my creative peers — an art director, a writer, and a florist: all different disciplines, but I felt all would benefit from this inclusive platform.

By Monday, I was joining the regular scheduling of Reid’s “Self Development Strategies” lunchtime sessions. On Tuesdays, host Emma Louise Boynton makes things political, speaking with different female MPs with “She Stands: My Journey Into Politics”. Events flowed. Next came “How to Build Your Network as a Freelancer”, perfectly aligned to that week’s worries.

In between live events, I watched content from the video library. “How much should I be charging as a freelancer?”, “How do I balance work and life?”, “Wow, I need to chill out. How do I do that?”, I thought. All my questions were answered. The talks offered structure to my day, acting as the building blocks I could shape my unruly hours around. Freelance no longer looked like endless days of me in a towelling dressing gown adopting unconventional working hours and late-night Taco Bell.

Image Source: The Stack World

There are three types of Stack World memberships: Free, Premium, and the newly launched Basic. Accompanied by a marketing campaign spotlighting key figures within the community from entrepreneur Grace Ladoja to engineer Clara Sojung Tan, Basic offers a slice of action for just £1 per month. Members can access editorial content, members events, and the members directory.

I would suggest skipping a week of iced lattes to prioritise the Premium membership (£10 per month), however. The Stack World Premium membership features but is by no means limited to:

  • Live Events: Virtual events are The Stack World’s bread and butter, and I’m talking organic sourdough and hand-rolled salted butter. Whether it’s The Stack World Book Club or “Career MOT”, from start to finish, the events are considered, informative, and uplifting. If you prefer events IRL, the platform has recently forayed into live events from panels to office parties.
  • Video Library: This library is wealthy in content with over 120 videos that act as playbooks for new business owners, freelance creatives, and everyone in between.
  • Connecting With Members: Download the app, set up a profile, and connect with other Stack World members from founders to creative directors in the members directory.
  • Slack Channel: Missing Slack? Upon arrival of your new premium status, you’ll be invited into a Slack channel featuring general chat, a jobs board, and the ability to direct message other members.
  • Coworking Space: Book a spot at The Stack World’s dreamy HQ in Clerkenwell, free of charge.

For those with busy schedules who like to dip in and out, for those with all the time to give, for those who want to learn, and for those with opinions to share, I recommend a Premium membership.

I’m an introvert who likes to go at their own pace; I can struggle with traditional networking but find the membership’s many channels to communicate an accessible way to connect, from app to Slack. Backing yourself as a freelancer and self-marketing even on your off days can be a test — with The Stack World, I feel as if I’m not just riding solo on this journey.

After a month I learned that this membership is so much more than an antidote to lonely, unstructured freelancing. It’s a safe space for discussion, learning, and mentorship. It’s open to change and growth for all to contribute. It’s a collective that is inclusive to all individuals and all budgets. Better yet, I know I’ve not even scratched the surface of this community and what it has to offer. Call me a convert.

Join The Stack World now and download the app in the App Store.

Image Source: The Stack World


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