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Introducing HealthifyTalks 🎧 – HealthifyMe


Introducing HealthifyTalks 🎧 – HealthifyMe


Life is beautiful if you take a moment for yourself and sit to look at it positively. A new perspective provides a better understanding of situations, conditions and circumstances. Though the era of accessibility and inclusivity is wonderful to look at from a tinted glass, is it convenience that we seek, or a readily available solution? The best of ideas come through when we strike a conversation about it. Bringing all important discussion about health and wellness to the table, HealthifyMe has launched its first ever podcast, HealthifyTalks.

This podcast will reflect upon the life, health and wellness for users and celebrate their stories of fitness and transformation. Presenting a platform that is powered by inspirations from millions to millions, mapping their journeys, tapping each milestone of life with their determination. The tale that puts the spotlight on you, me and the others who are achievers. We at HealthifyMe honour failures and setbacks that only help us to become stronger.

The words of the legendary Jedi Master, Yoda β€œThe Greatest Teacher Failure Is” need not require a supporting statement whether you are a Star Wars geek or not.

HealthifyTalks will conduct a series of episodes that would address the everyday challenges revolving around health, diseases, disorders and more. Sticking to the original form of content, the narration would be a first person account of one of the users along with our host Armaan Khendry. The intention is to spread awareness about subjects that we generally ignore and get along with life. Engaging in a healthy relationship with your own body is crucial, maintaining the perfect balance of body and mind is what would help you in the long run.

You can listen to it here:

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