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Keke Palmer on Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Chicken Shop Date


Keke Palmer on Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Chicken Shop Date


While we’ve long been fans of Amelia Dimoldenberg‘s “Chicken Shop Date” series, her latest outing with “Nope” star Keke Palmer is truly a meeting of minds. And it’s not just a love of chicken nuggets and off-the-wall chat they have in common. Instead, they realise that the singer Drake is actually obsessed with them both.

Dimoldenberg asks if Palmer believes in love at first sight, saying, “I think that’s going to happen when I meet Drake.” The 27-year-old presenter regularly hails him as her dream date and has previously told fans the rapper slid into her DMs to ask to be on the show. Suddenly, she recalls the lyrics to “In My Feelings”, and asks, “‘Kiki, do you love me?’ Is that about you? . . . If he said that to you, what would you say?”

Palmer laughs as she says she would say she loves him back, but she adds she doesn’t think the song is actually about her, to which Dimoldenberg replies: “He’s obsessed with you. And me.” And as their date continues, it’s clear to see why anyone would be.

Palmer’s infectious personality is impossible to dislike as she explains: “One of my biggest love languages is watching movies.” But for any partner who deems to race ahead on a TV show without her blessing would be out in a flash. She hates cool guys, likes a tall man, and prefers her boyfriend to have hair.

When asked what talent she wishes she could have, Palmer replies immediately with, “I would love to bust out some ballet.” She’s got the hip-hop moves down, so this would really make her untouchable. We already know Palmer is into astrology, having been teaching her costar Daniel Kaluuya about star signs, and she pulls out her party trick, guessing Dimoldenberg is an Aquarius after just three questions.

As the date wraps up, Dimoldenberg asks when Palmer has been most proud of herself. “At the end of every day, I’m like, ‘You did it,” she says. “Because as everybody knows, with some of these days, you could just call it quits, honey. So anytime I make it to the end of my day I’m just like, ‘You did it, girl, you made it through another day’.” Here’s to another day with Palmer and Dimoldenberg bringing us all the laughs. Watch their epic “Chicken Shop Date” above.


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