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King’s Coronation Food Launches | POPSUGAR Food UK


King’s Coronation Food Launches | POPSUGAR Food UK


Image Source: Heck Food

King Charles III’s Coronation is just around the corner, and while the Royal Family are busy organising the ins and outs of the highly coveted ceremony, we’re busy obsessing over which coronation-inspired food we’ll be preparing for our neighbourhood street parties. Of course, food brands are already getting in the royal spirit, although it’s not Victoria sponge cakes or scones hitting the shelves, but special sausages. And, we have to admit, we are getting them on our barbecue wishlist asap.

Back in 1953, specially for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, the now legendary dish of coronation chicken was invented for the official luncheon, and the recipe was replicated in supermarket sandwiches up and down the country. So much so, that it’s still a favourite for a lunchtime snack. So the nation has been waiting to see if tradition will prevail and we’ll be getting a Charles-themed food treat this year. Well, sausage brand Heck have taken on the challenge. Instead of a brand new idea, it has given coronation chicken a little 2023 twist and made it into sausage form. Yes, it has combined its classic chicken sausages with mild curry spice, seasoning, and raisins just in time for us to get it on the barbecue for the King’s coronation on 6 May.

Although if you want to tuck into a very royal version of sausage casserole or toad in the hole, run — don’t walk — to your local Tesco. These bangers are available exclusively from 26 April to 16 May, and even have their very own fancy crown-embellished sleeves. Looking for a drink to wash down your royal bangers and mash? Why not try a very British Jam Jar Gin & Tonic? It would be rude not to!

Details of the King’s Coronation have been slowly being released. While we know that his grandchildren, George, Charlotte, and Louis, will have a starring role in the ceremony, we are yet to know if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be attending. While Harry made a surprise trip to London to attend the court hearing against Associated Newspapers on 27 March, just weeks before his father’s coronation, the family are not thought to have met up. News of the guestlist aside, the country has already been given an extra bank holiday for the occasion, we’re just waiting to see what other limited edition food launches we’ll be getting, too.


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