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Kit Harington and Rose Leslie’s Eco Advert


Kit Harington and Rose Leslie’s Eco Advert


Real-life “Game of Thrones” husband and wife, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, have united for an eco-friendly advert which involves them heading to couples therapy. The commercial, titled “The Hidden Relationship”, was created by Richard Curtis (yes, the mastermind behind rom-coms “Love Actually” and “Notting Hill”), and highlights the connection between high street banks and fossil fuel companies through a scene in a therapist’s lounge.

In the video for Make My Money Matter, the pair are in the midst of a session in which Leslie feels as though she has been neglected by her husband because all he posts about online is his love of green energy. “People have certain expectations of me, I can’t just be open about every aspect of my life,” Harington responds. While at first it appears they are having marital problems, it soon transpires that Harington represents the banks, while Leslie is the oil companies as they discuss his public versus private persona.

When Leslie asks him to choose between renewable energy and her, he says, “obviously it’s you, it’s always been you”, before the couple share a passionate kiss on the therapist’s couch. While the advert aims to put the spotlight on the climate crisis, there was one aspect that Kit was most worried about agreeing to the project: acting with his wife again.

“The most daunting side of it [filming] was acting with Rose again. We hadn’t acted together in 10 years and we didn’t know whether we would be able to,” Harington told “Good Morning Britain” on 18 April. “It was actually really lovely. It made us realise we could. You know, when you’re living with someone for a very long time… you kind of read scenes together and stuff. You don’t feel like you could ever step on set [together] again. Doing this was a really nice dip of the toe into that for us.”

The couple met while both appearing on “Game of Thrones” and got married in June 2018 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. They are currently expecting their second child, having welcomed a son in Feb. 2021. Both Harington and Leslie are passionate about the climate crisis, regularly discussing how to have the conversation with their kids. “I look at it in some ways like, our parents’ generation were oblivious. We’re becoming very aware,” Harington explained to Entertainment Tonight. “And it would be our duty, and my children’s duty to deal with it. It’ll be the great challenge of their generation, but it doesn’t stop at being the challenge of ours as well.”

Watch the “Game of Thrones” couple share the screen again in the important campaign above.


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