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Lily Allen Says She Is 4 Years Sober

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Lily Allen Says She Is 4 Years Sober


NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 13: Lily Allen attends Planned Parenthood's New York Spring Benefit Gala at The Glasshouse on March 13, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Lily Allen is celebrating four years of sobriety after quitting drugs and alcohol in 2019. Allen, 37, who initially rose to fame as a singer with her 2006 single “Smile”, is now working on her acting career with her TV debut in Sky’s “Dreamland” this month. Appearing with her costar Freema Agyeman on ITV’s “This Morning” on 29 March to promote the new show, Allen, sporting a blonde micro bob haircut, reflected on her lifestyle overhaul.

“My life has changed so much in the last few years,” she said. “I’m four years clean and sober, and I’ve got a new husband and we’re making new lives for ourselves in America, and I’m just trying new things out.” Allen had a publicised struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, which began after the birth of her second child with ex-husband Sam Cooper. She turned to Adderall, an amphetamine used to treat ADHD, to “lose the weight” while opening during Miley Cyrus‘s “Bangerz” tour in 2014. “It was a very highly sexualised tour and I had just spent the last three years pushing babies out. It couldn’t have been less what I felt like,” Allen said on The Recovery podcast. She explained how her drug addiction then worsened her alcohol addiction, and her urge to try heroin was the turning point for her to get help.

Since then, Allen has got sober and married “Stranger Things” actor, David Harbour. The couple now live in Brooklyn, New York with Allen’s two children, Ethel and Marnie. Now, Allen is embarking on an acting career with her role in “Dreamland”.

“I’m so grateful for these opportunities to be able to step into projects like this. It just feels very light and positive in a way that my life has not felt before,” she added on “This Morning”. Allen also highlighted how working on an all-women cast differed from her experience in the male-dominated music industry. “The energy in the room was so kind and generous and it didn’t really hit me that it was because there were no men,” she laughed. “Coming from live music . . . it is so male heavy, men construct the sets when you’re travelling and it was nice to experience something different.”

Seeing Allen look so well, with her personal and professional life seemingly going from strength to strength, is a joy. Watch more of her interview on “This Morning” below.

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