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Liz Truss is a Taylor Swift Fan


Liz Truss is a Taylor Swift Fan


Liz Truss, UK’s new Prime Minister, has a lot on her agenda. Just two days after officially getting the top job, Queen Elizabeth II died, meaning the country’s official period of mourning overtook her first days in office. Truss has to tackle the cost of living crisis, the NHS backlog, and the UK’s continued response to the war in Ukraine. She might have a hard time winning over millennials and Gen Z voters, but if there’s one thing that might sway some, it’s the news that Truss is a Swiftie.

A video compiling moments where Truss has publicly shown appreciation for Taylor Swift — including quoting her song “The Man” in Parliament — has been shared on TikTok, and it has blown everyone’s mind. While some of Swift’s unwavering online fanbase have joked that they “do not claim” Truss as one of their own, others are pleased to hear the unexpected news. Whether you agree with her politics or not, you can’t deny that the idea of a Prime Minister singing and dancing to “Shake it Off” at Number 10 is brilliantly ludicrous.

After doing a deep dive into Truss’s social media pages, we genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if Truss has a “13” tattoo hidden somewhere. As you try and wrap your head around this bizarre crossover, join us as we recall every time Truss has publicly fangirled over the “All Too Well” singer.


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