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Long Distance Relationship Advice From a Sexpert


Long Distance Relationship Advice From a Sexpert


More than 90 percent of people living in the UK and Europe have been in a long-distance relationship at some point in their lives, but how many of them actually work? That’s the whole premise of US reality show “90 Day Fiancé”, which launched in July in the UK. The programme across the pond typically follows couples who have applied for, or received, a K-1 visa (a visa for foreign fiancés of US citizens), and therefore, have 90 days to marry each other. The UK version is less tense and lacks the 90-day deadline due to a difference in visa requirements, but is equally as fascinating as couples come together to navigate their relationships after having been apart for so long.

For many, it might look as though they have succeeded at the hard part of making a relationship work from afar, but it’s not so easy coming together after patterns of behaviour have been set. The same goes for the other way around, too. If you’ve fallen for someone further away, or are starting a long-distance relationship as one of you is moving, it’s worth keeping in mind some tips on how to keep the spark burning.

According to love and relationship expert Alix Fox, who worked with the team on “90 Day Fiancé”, a long-distance relationship requires work to last, be healthy, and keep the flame burning. “Provided you’re a good match, realistic and on the same page about your hopes and plans, and willing to put in the effort to go the extra mile to overcome the physical miles between you, there’s no reason to automatically assume that an LDR is hopelessly DOA,” Fox tells POPSUGAR. “Long-distance relationships absolutely can go the distance! Admittedly, this won’t be the case for every far-flung partnership, and it does take work — although I’ve spoken to umpteen couples who say that the communication, commitment, and the compassion skills they were forced to develop during their time apart still act to strengthen and enhance their bond once they’re living together.”

So how do you keep a long-distance relationship healthy? From communication skills to couple’s sex toys, here are seven tips to help you keep the flame burning.

90 Day Fiancé UK is available to stream from 24 July exclusively on discovery+.


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