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“Love Island”‘s Farmer Will Introduces Jessie to Farm

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“Love Island”‘s Farmer Will Introduces Jessie to Farm



“Love Island”‘s Will Young has put his relationship with Jessie Wynter to the test as she was introduced to his beloved pigs for the first time — and it was all kinds of adorable. Taking to social media on 15 March, the farmer quipped that his relationship with Wynter would be put on the line if she didn’t impress Timon and Pumba, his pet pigs.

Swapping her bikini for a more practical raincoat and wellies on Young’s Buckinghamshire farm, the Aussie reality star was encouraged by her “Love Island” beau to hand-feed and scratch the bellies of the large animals. “First up, she’s going to meet little Timon and Pumba, and this is important for Jessie because if they don’t like her then there’s problems,” he told his followers.

Thankfully, Young’s well-loved pets seemed to take a liking to Wynter, with the 23-year-old exclaiming, “This is melting my heart” — and it certainly melted ours, too. Being that the pair left the series “finding what they’re looking for” in one another just one day before the final, it must be a relief to know Wynter has garnered the farm animals’s seal of approval.

Touching down in the UK after being voted as the least compatible couple by their fellow Islanders, Young took to Instagram to commemorate his journey, writing: “To the Villa, to London, to the FARM. What a crazy, wonderful and life lasting journey this has been. We made friends for life, met each other and more importantly have fallen in love.”

Young’s love for his farm animals was well documented on the show, most notably when he first entered the villa with a sheep and pig painted on his nails. Now if that’s not dedication, we don’t know what is! “We are so happy that we got this opportunity as without it we may have never met. We just want to thank all of you for the love and support we have gotten, we really couldn’t have done it without you. Love you all, Will & Jessie”, he added on Instagram. We’re so glad that their love has gone the distance, and we can’t wait to see what else their journey will bring.


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