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Molly-Mae Hague Opens Up About Being a Mum

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Molly-Mae Hague Opens Up About Being a Mum


Molly-Mae Hague has long been open with fans throughout her journey to motherhood. But now, the former “Love Island” star has gone one step further in her most honest video to date. Hague posted a new vlog on her YouTube channel on 27 March, aptly titled “the truth”, in which she talks directly to the camera while giving an emotional rundown of what early motherhood has really been like for her since she gave birth to her first baby, named Bambi.

The influencer, 23, initially says that becoming a mum “came so naturally” to her. Pair that with the glamorous shots of her holding her little one on her social media channels and the recent luxurious stay she was treated to in London for her first Mother’s Day by her boyfriend, Tommy Fury, and it would be easy to think that Hague has had an easy time of parenthood. But that’s not strictly been the case.

Hague goes on to admit that she struggled to go to the toilet after having a vaginal birth, which left her “so messed up down there”. “I was so, so, so unwell in the first week,” she tells her followers. “I was, at one point, actually in the shower with Zoe [her sister] standing outside, and I was crouching down in the shower that constipated that I was screaming for her to call me an ambulance.” She further revealed that she had gone “nine days” without going for a number two.

“The day Bambi was born was the best day of my entire life, but on that day I knew that our journey as a family hadn’t started yet because Tommy had to go away again.”

Although she acknowledged that her admission may be “so TMI”, Hague has been praised for opening up about the more difficult parts of parenthood and birth. “I felt this in my soul,” one commenter wrote. “I’m a first time mum and my daughter is now 10 weeks old. Motherhood has been something I was never prepared for,” they said. “She’s honestly smashing it! I love how honest and up front she is about everything she’s going through,” said another, while a third wrote: “This is authentic and so normal amongst new mums. You’ve got this.”

Elsewhere in the video, the new mum reveals that the day her boyfriend returned from Saudi Arabia — where he fought and won against long-time rival Jake Paul — was “better than the day Bambi was born”. Don’t worry though, it’s not that she prefers her Islander boyfriend over her newborn baby, it’s because the day he returned was the day they could finally be “a family”.

“The day Bambi was born was the best day of my entire life, but on that day I knew that our journey as a family hadn’t started yet because Tommy had to go away again,” Hague says. “I knew we weren’t going to be a family until the fight was done and he got back. We had four weeks of that until he was going to be home.”

Hague adds that while her partner was away, she leaned into the temptation of doing things on her own as a new mum, adding: “The first four weeks of Bambi’s life I really did do by myself and I was home alone with her. I pushed a lot of people away, I don’t know why.” We’re so happy that the star continues to be so honest about her parenthood journey, we’re sure that a lot of new mums will be feeling the same. You can watch the full video below.


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