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newly launched active skincare brand giving you time back in your day –

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newly launched active skincare brand giving you time back in your day –


Modern life requires constant negotiation between what you need to do and the time you have to do it. We are so focused on filling our day with meeting our needs and desires that we leave very little time to simply live.

Skincare is no exception. It’s a prerequisite. There are many things that affect our skin, from the sun, to pollution, to the modern stresses of beauty. All need to be addressed and attended to so that our skin looks its absolute best.


A typical modern skincare routine is just as its name describes. Routine. Time-consuming. Clinical. Beauty companies and influencers alike will attest to the efficacy of 12-step skincare programs. But maintaining beautiful skin should not have to feel like undertaking a sobriety program.


Skincare solutions should work hard for you, not the other way around. As modern consumers, we deserve active skincare products that are highly concentrated, developed with high-quality ingredients to perform multiple functions at the same time.

One newly-minted active skincare brand has been developed to achieve all of the above. Born out of the need for quick and effective skincare solutions in just a few steps, Vela Days allows consumers to get back to enjoying their time.


Having just launched on the market, Vela Days seeks to change the game by transforming the routine into ritual. Created with a finger on the pulse of modern cosmetic technology, these clinical-grade products are highly potent and extremely effective.


So what’s the secret? It’s closer than you think. In fact, it’s in the very ground beneath your feet. Vela Days products utilise the regenerative and soothing properties of hemp and hemp seed —  key ingredients that have been used in traditional skincare methods for thousands of years.


Only now is hemp coming back into vogue as attitudes towards the once-taboo plant begin to change. Hemp-based ingredients are free of cannabinoids — like THC and CBD — the most well known components of the plant.

Hemp and hemp seed has a range of benefits for young and old skin, including moisture retention, oil moderation, and unmatched moisturisation. The active ingredients in hemp products work to deeply penetrate pores while healing damage and creating smoother and more radiant skin.


These are all benefits you would expect with the application of a traditional 12-step skincare routine. Vela Days combines those 12 steps into just 3 steps, such is the efficacy of their clinically proven hemp-based products. 

Excellent skincare aside, the true benefits come from the time you save. With a quick and highly effective skincare ritual, you can get back to enjoying what matters to you. All with beautiful skin to get you through the day.


Better yet, Vela Days products are created and packaged sustainably. The company offers refills, carbon offsets, and will even plant a tree for every online order. Their products are also cruelty-free and vegan, having never been tested on animals. 


You owe it to yourself, your time, and your skin, to undertake an easier and more effective skincare solution.


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