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Organisations to Support For International Women’s Day 2023


Organisations to Support For International Women’s Day 2023


Content warning: This article details instances of gender-based violence and sexual assault.

If International Women’s Day is a reminder of anything, it’s that women around the world still face struggles, often at a disproportionate rate to men. Add years of economic instability because of the pandemic, displacement from climate change, and an increase in far-right authoritarian rhetoric that targets women and LGBTQ+ people, and life has become even more tenuous for many around the world. The continued trauma because of the war in Ukraine, ongoing protests in Iran, and the recent massive earthquake in Turkey and Syria have also changed the scale of suffering or hardship for so many.

But where there are disasters and struggle, there are also people who survive and those who help. We’ve curated a list that’s far from complete of places where the needs of women are particularly challenged right now, as well as organisations and groups that are trying to correct wrongs and injustices and provide healing and education.

We’ve asked experts, locals, scholars, and activists to help inform this coverage. Some of these nonprofits listed ahead would benefit from direct donations, and others simply from awareness, a social media follow, or a resource that we can make unlimited: empathy.


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