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Re’drinks Launches NEW Collagen-Boosted & All Natural Fizzy Drink! –

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Re’drinks Launches NEW Collagen-Boosted & All Natural Fizzy Drink! –


Wind back the years and improve skin appearance with the latest functional drink – re’new by re’drinks. 

Re’new by re’drinks combines youth-enhancing collagen with a refreshing wild fruit fizz to  create a drink that not only tastes great but can improve skin hydration and health. 

With 15g of collagen and a sugar-free formula, this new offering in fizzy drinks brings in a new  era for health – the liquid beauty routine. 

Tried and tested, re’new can support the health and appearance of skin elasticity, density,  wrinkles, cellulite and nail growth. 

Naturally flavoured, the collagen contained within every can of re’new provides you with a  100% natural ageing support supplement helping to stimulate the skin’s metabolism and slow  down the loss of any collagen. Thus, promoting firmer, smoother and younger looking skin  while fighting the visible or external signs of ageing. 

The brand is the brainchild of Melbourne-based FMCG innovators, Creative Holdings, who  have previously presented us with Naked Beer and RIPPR wines. 

Philip Bonvino, Director at Creative Holdings says re’drinks was designed to compliment active  and healthy lifestyles. 

“Re’drinks are entirely new ways to think about beverages and what can be delivered  beyond simply quenching your thirst,” he says. 

“This range of drinks is termed as being ‘functional’, that is, they do something for you— there is a purpose.” 

“We saw collagen being used in other forms like capsules and powders, however delivering  collagen in a can that also tastes delicious is the new solution to beauty from within,” Philip  says. 

Like flower petals, re’new’s icon is about replenishing skin, cell by cell from the inside out and  the ‘pretty in pink’ packaging will also bring a touch of beauty to your fridge. 

The re’drinks range of beverages combines nootropics, supplements and natural fruit flavours  to establish fizzy drinks that do more than just satisfy your thirst.

Re’new is the first in a range of fizzy drinks to be released by re’drinks in South Australia, with  their products being purely natural, featuring no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. 

Re’new is now available to purchase on the website ( and is currently stocked  at Romeo’s supermarkets across South Australia. 

Look out for their extension to the range of functional beverages set to launch in the next  couple of months, including re’lax with ashwagandha. 


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About re’drinks: 

  • Designed to compliment active and healthy lifestyles, re’drinks offers a range of  functional beverages that are not only refreshing and great in taste but also have a  purpose. 
  • Each product in the re’drinks range supports its own function, a health benefit for the body and mind.
  • Re’drinks combines nootropics, supplements and natural fruit flavours to create a range of beverages that do more than just quench thirst.
  • Knowing that the modern consumer is moving away from ultra- processed food  categories, re’drinks aim to provide new mind-and-body-friendly products to  replace. 
  • Re’drinks are entirely natural, sugar-free and contain no artificial colours or  preservatives. 
  • Re’drinks aims to shift the perception that choosing a healthier fizzy drink option  doesn’t have to compromise on flavour. 


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