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Roam’s Skin Tone Condoms are a World First


Roam’s Skin Tone Condoms are a World First


It’s 2023, and while we’re all aware that sex is for everybody, it seems the sexual wellness space has taken a little longer to get up to speed. Despite the availability of beginner-friendly sex toys, inclusive lingerie, and even ethical porn sites, when it comes to contraception, most specifically condoms, diversity has been seriously lacking. Until now.

Sexual wellness brand Roam has finally launched a more inclusive safe sex option via its brand new skin tone condoms, available in Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, and also in Original Latex. What is perhaps most shocking is that they’re a world first. The trusty “barrier” method of contraception has long been available in white latex, but Roam has launched four different skin-coloured condoms so that people of colour are given more choice to celebrate individuality.

Some may believe that the most important thing to consider with condoms are safety and effectiveness – which, of course, is true – but if we can make condoms in red, blue, and pink latex, why haven’t we made inclusive skin-toned options before? In fact, Sonya Barlow, an inclusion consultant, believes this is a huge step in the right direction for sexual wellness and representation. “It’s great to see the innovation and technology behind transforming everyday products to be more accessible for all,” the Asian Women of Achievement award-winner tells POPSUGAR. “From an inclusion standpoint, it’s important to first visually represent diversity in all ways possible so that people know that they belong and are able to express themselves freely, on their own terms.”

The new vegan condoms, which use up to 40 percent less plastic compared to traditional condom foils, will be available on the Roam site, Amazon, Boots, and Superdrug stores nationwide from 17 April at £15 for a pack of 12. “Sexual wellness experiences, freedom of choice and inclusion interlink more than we realise, especially as we see the rise of women reclaiming these narratives and such taboo topics being spoken off openly in a space that’s been largely occupied by white men,” Barlow says. “I honestly think it’s weird now looking back why such products haven’t existed before and it’s exciting to know that people are actively taking a stance by diversifying products which already exist to serve a larger, and rightfully so, diverse market.”

Of course, we’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to education on sexual health, safety, and consent, but Roam is certainly helping us to head in the right direction for sex positivity.


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