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Rupert Grint Hints at Reprising Ron Weasley Role


Rupert Grint Hints at Reprising Ron Weasley Role


NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JANUARY 09: Rupert Grint attends the Apple TV+'s

Rupert Grint has hinted that Ron Weasley might be making a comeback! The actor joined Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on the “This Morning” sofa on 26 Jan. to discuss his upcoming psychological thriller “Knock at the Cabin” with castmate Ben Aldridge, and announced that he wouldn’t be adverse to a Harry Potter sequel.

“Yeah, I think if the timing was right and everyone was kind of coming back, I would revisit,” he said. “It’s a character that’s important to me and I grew up with him – we kind of became the same person. I feel quite protective of him as well. It was my whole childhood.” Can someone please get Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson on the phone asap?

The 34-year-old, who remarkably had never been on “This Morning” before despite the fact he “always wanted to be”, also opened up about his American accent he uses in his latest film, “Knock at the Cabin”. Using a vocal coach, he hilariously divulged that the key to a good accent it in the placement of the tongue. “I have done it [before] so I’m getting used to it. You have to be conscious of what you’re doing with your tongue in your mouth when you’re talking, it’s very different. American people have a very different tongue shape in what they do with it, I don’t know! It’s very technical!” Of course, he adopted an American accent for “The Servant” as well so that tongue placement seems to be working.

Aldridge added of the thriller movie, “I’m really proud of the film that has placed a single sex parent family at the centre of the film and treats that family – as they should be – as a normal loving family, I really believe in the power of representation and has the power to change our perception and for us to learn about ourselves.” When Grint was asked why he keeps returning to scary projects, he added, “I know! I need to do a Christmas comedy movie or something . . .”

Grint’s penchant for scary things hasn’t stopped at his work, either. The actor recently spoke about naming his daughter, Wednesday, after the famous Addams family. Speaking on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”, he joked that he predicts a “Wednesday boom” after the success of the recent Netflix series. If Grint’s predictions are right, then we are living in hope of a Harry Potter sequel, too.

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